Saturday, September 15, 2007

This re-vamp is taking less time that I had first though. It's amazing how fast it all comes back. It's been a long time since I've hand coded a web page. I used to do it daily until I started cheating. Coffee Cup is again my friend. I loved the original version. Then my MIL bought the "new" version (4-5 years ago) and I hated, no, loathed it. Now, this current version is reminiscent of the original only optimized.

I have each goats page just about done. The pictures are done and their pedigrees are done, I just have to create a way to add their milk records and LA scores that doesn't make me cringe.

And linking. OMG. I actually started that process today. Shoot me now, M'kay.
Hubby went for his pre-op yesterday. Likely the fastest pre-op in history.
We arrived at the hospital to register at 1:35. We walked to short stay at 1:45 and got INTO my car at 1:54. While we were there, and we found out he has lost about 30 pounds, that my (yeah I was playing with shit) blood oxygen level was over 90! WOO HOO. A healthy person is 100. Bill's was 96, ha, smoker. We won't count the fact that my heart rate was 106-110 the whole time I had it on. Bill says, in front of the nurse, take that damn thing off before they admit you and we have to have a double room. LOL

I think he was pretty happy about the weight lose. He worried about keeping it off now while he's off. I was worried about that too. He's a boredom eater. He's actually more like a, oh look I sat down for 10 min, I think I'll eat a whole meal. Bill doesn't snack. A "snack" is half a gallon of ice cream. No shit. You think I'm kidding, I'm not.

He's talking about walking during his down time to keep the weight off. I hope he will. I did tell him I didn't think he would. (possibly a little reverse psychology) My quote was pretty good, even for me. "Honey, you just aren't genetically predisposed to enjoy exercise."

Bill's nephew is doing well. We sent down some more baby clothes for him. My MIL was determined he was going to be over 9# and would hear nothing else. He's 6.05. So nothing they have fit him. I found them some preemie stuff and smaller newborn that will fit him now and for a few weeks. Lisa isn't feeling very good. She's been put on bed rest. Part of her incision opened up. If she's as much like me as I think, she'll ignore it. Ha.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I will win, new web site.

19 individual animals pages. 19 people. Shit I have too many goats. And that's not the babies. NOT the juniors at all. And I'm breeding them. Well, actually the bucks are doing the breeding, and a mightily poor job of it they are doing I might add.

According to the moons I should see breeding action from the 19th through the 3rd. Mostly around the 26 (I think it said and I'm too lazy to go back and look again).

As for the web site. I have mastered the menu. I just about shot myself in the process. Not to mention the dumb asses who wrote the FAQ and tutorial for the program I ended up using. I downloaded two. One was super easy to create with, and had no help section at all. The one I ended up using was a little harder to work with (like it wasn't happy creating a menu with 2 levels of sub menus, but would) and the FAQ wasn't very helpful. I finally found an answer to my dilemma under a section I never would have looked in, if I hadn't been just desperately clicking looking to try anything.

Now I'm like a third of the way done. What! Ok fine, 1/8. But it will go quick now. It's all the linking that's going to kill me.

Luckily I love PSP and can reuse most of my graphics with the magic of cut and paste.

My border collie seems to be eating in her sleep. She's lying there, sound asleep, air chewing and swallowing. Great... Freak.
So anyone want to finish my web site for me? No?

I have the vision. I can actually do the work. But when I sit down to actually do it, I'm like, ahh fuck it.

This is not for THIS site, but for my goats. I want a minor revamp. Only thing is I designed the first site the "easy" way. I have now outgrown the way it is, and my current elements are a PITA to transfer to a new layout. Which means my "minor" change just became a huge deal. Oh and that first easy way? Saved all my photos in one place. Handy, no? Problem. It saved them all as thumbnails, which means I have to FIND THE ORIGINALS.
My file saving is a well thought out process. At.The.Moment. That means those pictures might be in My Photos, My Doc/Goats, My Doc/Web site, My Doc/New (which means they should be filed, but usually sit there collecting dust)

So any bored web designers (yeah I'm looking at you KG :-) ) out there wanna listen to me whine? Still no takers? I can't IMAGINE why.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OK Avitable. He seems to be into "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". So here's mine. My house that is.

As close as a shot as they have.
So here's the funny part. See that overwhelming tree near the corner of our lot. Yeah, that big black shadow. It actually sits across the street and behind us, and it's not there any more. Hasn't been for a year or better. The obnoxious neighbors house is in this picture, so it's at least more recent than 4 years. And somehow they snapped this shot while only ONE of our cars were home. Either that or I want their magic pen because my s-10 hasn't moved in 5 years, and it's no where to be seen. Yet you can see the big black truck.... what's that tell ya? Ha.

So there is mine. Try google maps for an aerial of yours. MSN live I hear works well too... if you don't live in BFE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sick of Sick

G has been sick forever. Well more like since last Wednesday. Yesterday I finally took him to the Dr. That puking shit wasn't letting up.
So far it's stress related anxiety. He's a worry wart who expresses it by way of mouth, so to speak.
Unfortunately that means he has a case of erosive esophigitus, due to the constant vomiting. Ulcers next. Oh the fun.

So I've been in touch with his teachers, or rather have been trying to be. It's like dealing with bricks, blond bricks. Well except the one who said to keep him home till he was all better, it was too early in the year for puke. She's kinda funny. I think he's all caught up from his time off.
This morning I e-mailed all his teachers, then managed to snag his "main" teacher out in front of the school. I wanted to let them all know what was going on. His main teacher listened intently then said, "So, he hates school." Yeah lady, that's what this is all about. He's hated school since kindergarten, it hasn't caused puking yet. Yes, a lot of it is self imposed stress from school. Striving to do the best, wanting good grades, new routine, pressure on himself, pressure from home (we've always req. excellent grades), fear of failure, his mothers health, his fathers upcoming surgery.
So I've already warned them that if he doesn't start feeling better I will be pulling him out on and extended ISP. I won't let it effect his health and well being, nor will I let them mainline him from any anti-stress meds. at 11, without trying that first. Home school is still an option. And after looking through his books last night really close, since this might really be an option, pfft. no problem. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to ready him for high school.
Next on the list of things to do is to find something for him to stress relieve with. I'm going to talk to his favorite teacher and see what he might suggest. Maybe I can get G running after school with him. *Argh* Never mind... bad knee. *shit*

Oh and Bill's pre-op is Friday. Surgery Monday. Changed from the week I took off, to a week I can't gain an ounce of slack in because I already took a week off to be home the first time. Arugh. Who said owning your own business was easy? Oh wait.... NO ONE. LOL