Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hubby went for his pre-op yesterday. Likely the fastest pre-op in history.
We arrived at the hospital to register at 1:35. We walked to short stay at 1:45 and got INTO my car at 1:54. While we were there, and we found out he has lost about 30 pounds, that my (yeah I was playing with shit) blood oxygen level was over 90! WOO HOO. A healthy person is 100. Bill's was 96, ha, smoker. We won't count the fact that my heart rate was 106-110 the whole time I had it on. Bill says, in front of the nurse, take that damn thing off before they admit you and we have to have a double room. LOL

I think he was pretty happy about the weight lose. He worried about keeping it off now while he's off. I was worried about that too. He's a boredom eater. He's actually more like a, oh look I sat down for 10 min, I think I'll eat a whole meal. Bill doesn't snack. A "snack" is half a gallon of ice cream. No shit. You think I'm kidding, I'm not.

He's talking about walking during his down time to keep the weight off. I hope he will. I did tell him I didn't think he would. (possibly a little reverse psychology) My quote was pretty good, even for me. "Honey, you just aren't genetically predisposed to enjoy exercise."

Bill's nephew is doing well. We sent down some more baby clothes for him. My MIL was determined he was going to be over 9# and would hear nothing else. He's 6.05. So nothing they have fit him. I found them some preemie stuff and smaller newborn that will fit him now and for a few weeks. Lisa isn't feeling very good. She's been put on bed rest. Part of her incision opened up. If she's as much like me as I think, she'll ignore it. Ha.

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