Saturday, October 3, 2009

Noted in case my husband questions what we did while he was off hunting and sleeping all weekend.

  • Unloaded and restacked 1000 pounds of alfalfa
  • Cleaned chicken pen
  • Cleaned baby goat pen
  • Installed perch and nesting box to winterize the chicken coop (Hopefully my mom takes her chickens before winter)
  • Fixed a better hay feeder/grain tub/waterer for the baby goats at the house
  • Cleaned BBQ pit room and put away 4 wheeler w/ cover after husband used it and left it out in the yard for the chickens to roost/shit on. (Grr)
  • Went to dump hay/shavings
  • Did all the friggin' dishes
  • Currently soaking the milk bucket and milk jugs in soap and bleach.