Monday, July 25, 2011

The Writing Prompt

So I am not a writer by any means. Odd since I loved to write in school, but I like to write from the places created in my mind, this was surprisingly hard.

You Can find the prompt here: The Writing Prompt
My Friends do it better:

I am from the little white house with the green trim, from Folgers coffee and huge pots of beef stroganoff.

I am from the covered front porch, wood stoves, boiling hot in the summer and perfect in the winter, good ghosts and tons of kids.

I am from 2 palm trees and the damn nasturtiums.

I am from Christmas’s on new years and fiery tempers, from Sturgis’ and Jacobs, Granny’s, Nana’s and Aunties.

I am from the long living and long winded.

From measure twice and cut once and be good or I’ll know before you’re home.

I am from the Catholic and the Lutheran, from believing in God without walls, or all the kneeling.

I'm from the foggy little cow town, from homemade cinnamon rolls and lemon meringue pie.

From the man flatfooted man who yearned to be a soldier, a trucker, a carpenter, a housewife, an inn keeper, and the woman who could do it all.

I am from my memories and a plaid covered book, from notes in a bible, from boxes filled with everything ever created in school, hand-me-downs, and an old cedar chest.