Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goat gossip: apparently our phones don't work. ;) Last I heard when T & S where still in the replacement doe raising phase they got a lot of white kids from L. So maybe? As for the other news, Ewww. That's just not right. Oh well. I've been debating dropping out of ADGA anyway.

I bought a new keyboard. I must have been feeling Sarah vibes. I also got a cool "ergobeads" wrist rest for my mouse. That I like. The keyboard might take some getting used to. I actually went to staples to find a new laptop case. I want one like I have and wouldn't you know, nothing similar to find anywhere.

I also need a very small portable printer. That I'll have to order. Staples just doesn't carry the small and portable. I was surprised to find that monitors are pretty cheap. I think I might get a new flat screen and ditch this monster I have. It's great, it works, it's color and it's HUGE. I'm not sure how they measure these things but this one is 17" on the diagonal just on the screen size. Add about 2.5" all the way around for the case. It's HUGE.

All other news is irrelevant. Nothing new and exciting.