Monday, March 9, 2009

As promised I looked up my bucks averages from last year to see if these where just doe throwing bucks. (a handy fact to know if you are pushing semen sales).

But alas, they are not. Last year the two of them were straight up 50-50 bucks to does. Many bred to the same does as this year.


BUT. I buck I sold to a fellow breeder made the young sire list for 2008 for ADGA. I hope she uses him!

Grr... the fact that the horoscope in the newspaper I read this AM and the horoscope on their web site don't match pisses me off. Today's was totally fitting for what I was talking about yesterday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Information to Sleep by OR Why my doctors hate me

So this might be the vary reason my doctors really hate to deal with me. It is a curse and a cure all at once. My attention to all the details makes them thankful, because I notice every little change and we can catch the big nasties quickly, yet that can cause anxiety for me and I'm sure them to with I didn't have their phone numbers.

So here is another example of my detail nit picking;

We have 10 babies born last week.

Since last Saturday they have gained overall, 488 oz. That's 30.5 pounds overall and that's roughly 3.05 pounds each. I think that's a good rate of gain since we like to see, what Sarah, about 10 pounds a month each.

These babies are fruit cake for hay. Grass hay thankyouverymuch that alfalfa shit is for horses or cows. I saw them eating hay as early as 1 day old and these 10 have already plowed through a whole flake. We have to modify a hay feeder for these little piglets. I think we'll need to add grain to their diet soon.

But not today. They all have sore shoulders and ears and a headache.
Shots, tattoos, and disbudding was on their menu for today.

Oh yeah, I can feel the love. Or not.