Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things I'm thankful for:

Since tomorrow I will be at my mothers and we're staying the night, which means I'll have to go 24 hours without my beloved internet access. She has no electricity so no computer up there for me, she's also lives miles and miles and miles from civilization. It will be quiet and peaceful. Other than the sound of my husband snoring and all those noisy wild animals, I should sleep like a baby. Bill will sleep pretty much from the time we get there till we leave the next day. My mothers house has the effect on him.

So the things I'm thankful for are endless. I may seem like an ungrateful whiny bitch but really I know how good I've got it.
1. My beloved internet access. For without it my house would be clean and my husband would be dead.
2. My child. For without him my house would be clean and my husband would be dead.
3. My husband. For without him my house would be clean and my... oh wait... hummm... my life would be really dull.
4. My sons whiny obnoxious friends. Because even though they are annoying and whiny they remind me each day how great my son is, and how, when they aren't here, my ears don't bleed.
5. My vast array of pets. Yep, love each and every one. Without them my house would be clean and my life would be very very boring.
6. Each and every day I wake up. Even if I wake up with a horrible headache or cough for hours, I'm awake to see another day.
7. Friends. Mine specifically. Though they are few and far between, *see above mention of whiny & ungrateful*, I love them each and every one.

Have a Great Thanksgiving all of you. May your time with your families or alone be the very best it can be.