Friday, November 16, 2007

Surrounded by Idiots

Oh add this to the ongoing saga.

Now they aren't coming because the father in law might be too sick.

Might be? We know this now, a MONTH before the event.

Cop out excuse. Plain and simple. And I'll lay money that my FIL doesn't even know he's the excuse of choice this time.

She can't control the situation so now she won't come. Ahhh... pity party for her. Cause now we're going to do our damnedest to bring up the BIL and family. Even if it means taking them home too. See she figures if she doesn't come up then BIL has no ride home. WRONG. Dealing with that issue as we speak.

She is not going to ruin our Christmas eve. Dammit.

Lost time

Holy shit. This has gone too far. I think coughing as hard/long as I do is robbing me of my memory. What? You shouldn't be laughing. And I'm not old enough for it to be my age, shut up thankyouverymuch.

So Sarah was talking about her nephew and what to get a nine year old, what are they into. I figured, hey it's only been 3 years since G was 9, I should be able to input on this one right? Hello? NOTHING. I can't remember WHAT he was into. I had to count back to remember who his teacher was and what damn grade he was in. From there, blank. I got nothing.

I actually went back and pulled out his photo album and silently reminded myself this is exactly why I had all those pictures printed. Because I was home alone, and dude, even I'd send myself to the loony bin if I start talking out loud to myself.

So Sarah. For his birthday he got a new bike and binoculars. I remember he was really into looking at stuff, animals, stars, cows. I'm pretty sure it was the same year we got him a telescope for christmas. Ha. It was. Oh and count them, at least 3 footballs.

Thank god for pictures, printed ones at that. I'd have never looked through them if they had been on my computer still.
And I'm getting my brain checked. How does one lose and entire year of their kids life, I mean REALLY? It was only 3 years ago.

On a different note. My kid, he's a lifesaver. Last night was cough-a-lung round 999. I was out on the porch choking and gasping and the boy child gets up and comes out to sit with me. As I throw an empty inhaler across the porch (lack of oxygen makes me bitchier than usual) he gets up, goes in, gets my keys. I remind him there are no other inhalers in the car, he shushes me. SHUSHED me he did. He comes out of the car with a cartridge we had found, god knows how long ago, that the case had been broken on. LOVE that child. LOVE him even when he shushes me. He even sat out there in the cold to do therapy on me till I could inhale normally and actually feel the cold air.

So even when I say he's a rotten brat. He's a really good boy. Don't listen to me. :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I threw a totally mature and TOTALLY called for pissy hissy fit today. Yep. Totally mature too.

See previous post about in laws.

Today my hubby added this to my list of "101 reasons those people fucking suck":
"my brother doesn't think his kids should have to sit for 6 hours in the car to some up here."
WHA? But it's ok for MY kids to sit in the car for 6 hours to go DOWN THERE?
Um. No. Fuck you and your pony too.
And I told hubby that. He left the house near tears because all he wanted was to have a nice family holiday with his family. *Which he tries about every other year and they always piss in his Wheaties.*

So I called him up and said, cut work short, do whatever you have to do, but you need to get your ass back here so we can talk before you go to work.

See here's the deal and this is what I told him.

I don't know how many holidays I have left. I mean really, who does? Have someone slap a terminal label on you and try that on for a reality check. I do not want to spend my last remaining holidays fighting tooth and nail over every single detail with those people. I really don't care if it's 20 holidays or 2. DONE. The latest thing she's ALREADY pissed about... and people, we're talking about Christmas not Thanksgiving, is the fact my hubby offered to go get his brother, his girlfriend, and their kids the day ahead so *GASP* we could spend some TIME with them. No shit. Total fit. I accidentally (it was!) told her that hubby and bro had talked about that, and, no shit, she called the brother after 9 last night to have a FIT at him. Butt hurt because we had invited the brother to come a day ahead and not them. Duh?
So I took back my holiday. Rather forcefully and without mercy. Selfish, hell yes. I'm sick to death of hating Christmas, a holiday I used to love, because these people are drama mamas.
So. No crap. No drama. And I will throw them out, no problem. Holiday by my rules.
1. Brother and GF and kids may come the day ahead, but will leave when the in laws do.
2. In laws may arrive after 11 on Christmas eve but may stay as long as they like..that day.
3. No adult gifts.
4. I'm cooking dinner. If what I fix you don't like, there is a McDonald's on your way out of town. No you cannot help or bring anything.

Not playing by the rules can and will probably result in an expulsion from the game.

Hubby did a good job relaying the rules. I don't think he wanted me to do that. Ha. Chicken. He's trying really hard to have a decent Christmas too, with us, but including them. They've pretty much robbed his enjoyment of the holiday too and he's sick to death of it.

They can go back to their bickering and bitching when they leave.
So I'm crocheting my fingers to the bone still. I have a few christmas gifts to finish and then there are these friend projects.
I'm working on my next friend gift and it won't be done by christmas. It COULD be done by christmas, but I'm lazy like that. It's creamy and soft and...... well, if I tell you more I'll have to kill you.

I'm hoping to have it done by this persons birthday. That's in..... wait can't tell you that either.

All is fine and well on the home front. Well minus the continuous in law drama but I'm immune to that 90% of the time. It's like a bad high school movie, he said, she said, they did.... BLEH! I get so sick of it eventually I say something to send the whole thing over the edge because I'm tired of biting my tongue and playing nice. They usually leave me out of it for a while after that. And "they" includes my husband. Hell he's as bad as the rest of them.

I'm glad my family doesn't do this shit. I'd be crazier if that was the case. Wait, let me clarify, it's not that my family does NOT do this, it's that we don't speak to the ape shit batty ones that do. We see them on occasion. Keep in polite touch with them and then pray that their brand of crazy isn't contagious. My mom hates drama and I don't speak to my dad anymore so in my "family", we just don't do drama.

Which would lead me to why I get so wrapped up in my on-line friends. I have 2-3 RL friends that I would really count as friends. The kind I would actually call and say, hey I'm in the hospital, was in a car wreck, had a house fire, got a promotion, moving, or whatever. Other than those couple of people my friends are on-line.
Not people I talk to in person really. Well except KG only she talks and I type.
Luckily my husband understands my obsession with these friends. When there was a death in our little family and we were raising money, he was the first to tell me to send more.

I don't chat in chat rooms.

I blog surf and comment. I guess it's like watching a hundred different little reality shows but being able to comment and interact with them all. It feeds my over active and usually really bored mind.

Are these 'real' friendships? I guess so. I cheer, cry, laugh, worry, get angry with, for, about, and at them. Only it's all safely behind the screen on my computer. I can sit here and tap on this keyboard quiet and protected. I have spell check to make me look smarter and hopefully time before I press publish to edit myself. Because as Sarah pointed out, I type like I talk. Lord help us all.