Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I'm crocheting my fingers to the bone still. I have a few christmas gifts to finish and then there are these friend projects.
I'm working on my next friend gift and it won't be done by christmas. It COULD be done by christmas, but I'm lazy like that. It's creamy and soft and...... well, if I tell you more I'll have to kill you.

I'm hoping to have it done by this persons birthday. That's in..... wait can't tell you that either.

All is fine and well on the home front. Well minus the continuous in law drama but I'm immune to that 90% of the time. It's like a bad high school movie, he said, she said, they did.... BLEH! I get so sick of it eventually I say something to send the whole thing over the edge because I'm tired of biting my tongue and playing nice. They usually leave me out of it for a while after that. And "they" includes my husband. Hell he's as bad as the rest of them.

I'm glad my family doesn't do this shit. I'd be crazier if that was the case. Wait, let me clarify, it's not that my family does NOT do this, it's that we don't speak to the ape shit batty ones that do. We see them on occasion. Keep in polite touch with them and then pray that their brand of crazy isn't contagious. My mom hates drama and I don't speak to my dad anymore so in my "family", we just don't do drama.

Which would lead me to why I get so wrapped up in my on-line friends. I have 2-3 RL friends that I would really count as friends. The kind I would actually call and say, hey I'm in the hospital, was in a car wreck, had a house fire, got a promotion, moving, or whatever. Other than those couple of people my friends are on-line.
Not people I talk to in person really. Well except KG only she talks and I type.
Luckily my husband understands my obsession with these friends. When there was a death in our little family and we were raising money, he was the first to tell me to send more.

I don't chat in chat rooms.

I blog surf and comment. I guess it's like watching a hundred different little reality shows but being able to comment and interact with them all. It feeds my over active and usually really bored mind.

Are these 'real' friendships? I guess so. I cheer, cry, laugh, worry, get angry with, for, about, and at them. Only it's all safely behind the screen on my computer. I can sit here and tap on this keyboard quiet and protected. I have spell check to make me look smarter and hopefully time before I press publish to edit myself. Because as Sarah pointed out, I type like I talk. Lord help us all.


Kentucky Girl said...

Uhm, you know you can call me anytime you need someone to look after the err....goats. Except that I don't know anything about it...BUT I could buy a book. Is there a dummies guide to goats? heh

Thanks again for my beautiful lap blanket. I'm gonna take a picture as soon as I figure out where I put the battery for my digital camera. :D

Don't you think that my entries are just like talking to me on the camera? I mean, I try to type like I know diarrhea of the mouth only with my fingers. Anyway...I'm shutting up...*zips* Mmfffmffrrrmffffmmmm *unzips* It is helpless. I can't shut up. LOL

Fogspinner said...

Oh if I had to actually SHUT UP for 10 minutes I'd suffocate. I just don't type it as well as I say it. Or maybe I'm not as funny as I think I am. :-)