Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's ahead

.....probably not more blogging.

Sorry lord I suck at this. The only time I think of something wonderful to say is at 2am, and by 8am it's poof and blah blah blah...

I won't do a year in review post because this year was pretty much... WING ZING.. POOF Transplant/SPLAT!

Seriously, it's like nothing else happened. I swear today #1 and I had to ask a FRIEND who the heck one of our goat babies was out of. Thankfully he could remember where she went... which lead us the the name. (all stuff stored in the computer, but used to be *right there* in the brain) I had to ask #1 what the heck the cows names were. Really? I named them... *eye roll*

And yet, today while #1 and other son #2 were giving shots to said babies, I whipped out each and every name... Except "horse face", man has she changed!

So for next year...

Some weight loss I hope. Eating healthy, yeah probably not going to happen more than it is. Some drugs getting cut back will help some, and getting my lazy butt into shape will help ALOT. Getting back to work full time will go a long way towards that. Had #1 pull out the Wii and put it in the living room and spent 10 min on it, then went and walked on his treadmill for a VERY short time.

Continuing the use of the 8 weeks of meals planner I found online. Yeah!, for someone else figuring it out. It's great because even DH can do it. We started these before my surgery because, god help him, my husband had no sense of how to flavor food, and you can only fry a chicken breast so many ways. He's good at following a recipe, and again... someone else can figure it out.

Trying to send out thank you cards. Wow we have slacked on this the last few years, I just haven't had the energy to fight to get it done, or to pick out the cards either.

Adding on to my business, adding clients, some new equipment....

Making more than 2 goat shows a year. Hoping that the new laws won't effect this too much. I don't read it to have any effect except on "street sales". (sb-917 animal abuse laws for CA) Haven't heard anything in the goat world about it, but it is all over the rabbit lists. Some people who claim to know it all (on the internet... hahahah) say no shows will be "legal" and animal control can come... blah blah. I will believe it when I see it, but until then, we won't be hauling as many.

Oh, and to make all those pesky DRs appointments. Happy Healthy and all that.

What will your next year bring?