Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today equals fever and pain. I'm so fucking happy I could shoot myself. Fever? I think it started yesterday. Of course I separated does last night so I have to go milk this morning. That's ok I'm headed to Fortuna to have the chiro work on my back because OUCH! I think something in my shoulder is pinched and I have no driver. Lucky me. Bill made plans to help someone else this morning. Crap! If you live in the area I would stay off the road between me and Fortuna. I feel that crappy. Oh, it's ok. I"ll be fine once I crawl to the car.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I can't win for loosing right now.

I want to lock in a few of my heavy milkers to increase my take home amount but can't do that with all this RAIN. I don't want to lock them in and thus limit the amount of available shelter.

I have my remaining bucks locked into one side of the barn (see post yesterday) so I could watch them and so I can check over their pen before I put them back in there. I shot them full of everything I could think of last night, or rather G did, just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty sure it was bloat.... why I'm not sure or maybe why now? They've been on the same feed for 3-4 years, but each bale is always different so this one must have been hotter. I refuse to turn them out until I trim their hooves either. I'm just not sure I"m up to that job. Volunteers? No? Hum, woosies. I'll let the kids hack at them and then I'll clean them up when I'm feeling better again.

Speaking of how I'm feeling. SCREW this weather. I was feeling better. Life was good. Then April Showers hit and I feel as crappy as my puppy's breath smells. As seeing as her breath smells like cat ass....see where I'm go with that? I'm supposed to have a pulmonary functions test on Thursday... HA that will be a joke. Oh and my lungs? Totally bleeding again. Pisses me off. The one thing that makes me feel better, a single Advil every 4 hours, can't take. Makes my lungs bleed like their made of swiss cheese. I'm supposed to be able to pick up a prescription of the inhaler I lost today, that should help.

I have some work to get finished up and G has school work to do. Oh what fun.

Monday, April 21, 2008


today started off with a "bang" and I totally don't mean that in ANY good way.


I'm going to go get lunch and shoot myself. Ok maybe not that last part.

If my husband says ONEgoddamnedWORD about needed to "cut back" the goat number EVER again in his LIFE. I will hand him is balls in a little TINY glass jar.