Monday, July 23, 2007

Things you hope your granny never hears you say

Holy hell. No that wasn't one.

I clipped my yearling today. First, that's like nailing jello to the wall.
Second, I tried to do this while milking.
Why would I do this to myself, after getting up at 2 am?

Well, when you run things on a generator you combine as many chores as you can. And I have to get these goats clipped.

So here I am trying to clip this squiggly squirmy KICKING bitch, all the while trying not to suck the teats off the milkers.
I'm sure the phrase "Nasty Skank" And "Scum sucking Whore" fell from my lips more than once. "Kick my face and I'll break that fucking leg" was uttered a few times too. Funny, as much as she hated getting her legs clipped, when I prepared for the BIG fight, clipping her face, she LOVED that. In fact she fell asleep with her chin in my hand.

Aren't you glad I love my goats?

I have a funny about taking my mother to the China Buffet (all you can eat Chinese) but I'm too tired. I'm just hoping I don't forget any of it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I totally started to write this as a comment on another journal then thought, Yo, dumbass, try updating your own blog. *forehead smack* Oh yeah DUH!

So I'm pretty mind numb today. It's taking me try after try to type simple words. Other than that, I'm ok. It's going to be a really long week and I think I'm really glad Sarah is confident pulling a trailer. She may do some driving so I can nap if I don't sleep better on Wednesday night.

We fully enclosed one end of my barn. It's the end the rich houses can see so that makes me happy. We through some feed to the pony next door too, she's a little thin and they don't feed her. Don't go all PETA crazy folks, she's on 2 acres of grass that's up to her belly. She's 40 though, and this time of year that grass isn't good for much, less considering her age.
We also put up the fiberglass down the one long side that isn't a goat pen. The rest will have to wait until after fair. I'm too tired to care.

Bill is adding vents to my trailer today so we can put goats in what used to be the tack area. 2 butterfly vents in the front and a large 30"x6" louvered one for between that area and the main "big" goat area.

I have to fully unload the trailer this week and then start reloading it. I think I'll have him unload while I set up for milk test in the morning.

We had a horrible start to milk test yesterday. Computer trouble, paired with Bill's non-knowledge of how to use a computer made for a tricky first 40 minutes. All the while we're moving cows and he's falling farther and farther behind. It cleared up, then it was cow problems, one after another. Bill says he saw a cow miss kicking me in the back my mere inches. I told him "What I don't see, doesn't bother me, what I see, now that's different." This after a cow missed my kneecaps by inches. Should I add to this they are milking 560 cows at the rate of 88 per hour, in a flat barn. That's really moving and everything on my body hurts today.
Tomorrow morning I work in a barn set up exactly the same way, only many many many less cows. 270 I think.

Tomorrow I'll be at the fair again. After I pack milk to ship after I milk test in the morning.