Saturday, September 20, 2008

Put off and finally done

Finally the bucks are out with the does. There was some chasing going on, but not too much hubbalo really. My young ober buck was totally into the does who were much more into beating the snot out of him. He didn't care.

That's one chore taken care of.

Sarah. 192 2x4's in a unit he is almost positive. Price would depend on the length you want. He'll get a quote when he knows that.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Take a picture of yourself. Don't fix your hair. Don't edit.

Pfft. You're lucky I did this one. First.. my printer HATES all other USB related products and eats them upon plug in. THEN you have to figure out which button on the damn camera to press from the other side.... and the power button AIN'T it. (TWICE!!)

And NO editing? Are you nuts? O.M.G. I couldn't even cut out the background? However I did take off my 02 for the picture. Some things... just do not need to be recorded for all the internets. If I could have figured out how to hold the camera straight, press the correct button with one hand, I'd have flipped this shot the bird. I HATE to have my picture taken.

Sarah get away with it cuz I like her camera. She still gets lots of shots of me all cranky and stern looking.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well that took less time than I thought. Home just over a week and already doesn't want me to visit. Frankly I'm shocked he held up the hole time he was in the hospital/rehab.

So tomorrow, on my way to or from my milk test next door, I'll drop off the last of the paperwork I have from the accident time and his money clip. I'll offer to cover for my aunt and uncle anytime they want to leave or get away. I'll stop in once a week and try to call, but I won't be going out like I have been. We'll see how that goes. I may not be going out at all.

Friends first family last just like always. So much for hoping for something different.