Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time to go show goats.

I am totally not impressed. Impressed? Excited? Conscience? What-ev'ah.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I coughed for 16 straight hours yesterday. While working. With a headache. By the end of the day my whole body ached and not from the cold I've been sporting but simply from coughing so damn long.

I gargled with hot salt water last night to try to sooth my savage throat. It didn't help. Neither did any of the other 101 things I tried.

My nose hurts so bad wearing my 02 hurts. It actually tingles enough to make me sneeze. Which makes me cough, again.

Today I have nothing to do except get this milk ready to ship. I really need to clean my kitchen and do laundry but screw that. I'm only doing what I have to do.

If it wasn't for my 2 legged children I would not be showing goats this weekend. I have 2 big jobs next week and cannot still be sick.

Must let puppy in, if she barks again I may kill her.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pound head on wall.

I think I'm allergic to goats. No shit. However I think the stuffy head started prior to our clipping but hasn't let up at all since we started. And since in the last 3 days I haven't stopped clipping I'm not sure. This show... OMG I'm almost sorry I'm going.

I'm one of the supposed members, only I haven't paid dues in two years because I saw the writing on the wall in the first 3 months. As soon as RA fair dropped their show and they glommed onto it, I knew the club was history. It wasn't even gallant that they swooped in to *save* the show, it was purely selfish and to stroke their own egos. "Look what I did". I think some members had, and have, the very best of intentions in mind. Those are the ones that just want to host a GOAT SHOW, not an EVENT.

Now with high fuel prices people aren't traveling to shows. I used to show once a month, I am going to 3 shows total this year. I feel their pain and understand the decision. I'm personally thinking of not showing at all next year and rather having my herd LA'd. I think the cost would equal going to one show or so. People are going to go to the shows were they can bring home some cash in their pockets first and only go to close non-paying shows. And frankly most goat shows are non paying. We knew that when we got into this hobby. But as a hobby, you can only spend so much before it's just too extreme. I'd rather buy good hay than go to a goat show.

The same thing happened to rabbit shows. The numbers dropped so low that shows buckled and closed shop. Costs were too high and numbers too low. During the "good" years shows had set their own bar too high with *great* prizes, *extreme* raffles, and/or *free* exhibitor lunches. When a decline hit and they had to cut corners and remove those items that people had grow accustom too, people stopped going.

When you come out of the gate setting the bar really high and trying to do it all, you set yourself up to fail. You are always best to leave room to grow so you can offer MORE later.

But as foolish as I think this club is there is nothing to be done to stop them. Regardless of anything they power walk over other members to achieve their own goals. Nothing they do is wrong, even when it's pointed out IN BLACK AND WHITE, they have an excuse for everything. I call it baffle them with bullshit. Talk long enough and people stop listening.

Hello.... Is this thing still on? Are you still with me?

Bleh. They (all of them!) just irritate me. So on with things.

Goats= good.
We have a snapping alligator baby though. OMG it was so funny that I wish I had a camera with me. If this kid had been able to get a hold of someone she'd have taken a chunk out of them. She bit the clippers, she bit the milk stand, she snapped and gnashed at us every time she thought she could reach us. If she'd had top teeth it would have been really impressive. Instead it was fun to pet her shoulders and watch her whip her head around and try to bite you. Yesterday I had G catch her because she walked right up to him without knowing it. She snapped and tried to bite his arm. He walked her around the field and bit and pet her and then let her go. Poor baby.

Dogs are good. Pissed, since I bought a baby gate yesterday to keep them out of the cat boxes, but good. HA HA no more kitty yummies for you! The puppy is a big girl now, through her first heat and everything. She weighs in at a whopping 7.25 lbs. Look out man, she'll chew you up.

Off to eat and clip and then for a blood draw tonight. Yippy, more dealings with these people.