Sunday, February 10, 2008

Driving some people nuts

So sue me, I'm the queen of self-diagnosis. Drives a few of my friends bat shit crazy.

I tend to pin down a problem long before a DR can, and I'm usually, freakishly correct. So while reading up on TIAs this weekend (My DR is really going to wish this had happened during the week and I didn't have all weekend to read up on this.) I see that anemia can be a cause of stoke. Makes since to me, since I've had trouble on and off with anemia for 16 years or more. Less red blood cell means less o2 being shipped around my body to the ol' organs, you know, like the brain?

It's the first thing I'm having my DR check me for tomorrow. If we can come up with a reason it drops that 10% chance of having a serious debilitating stoke in the next 3 months to less than 2%.

I have shit to do for the next 3 months for gods sake, and sitting around worrying when the next shoe is going to drop isn't on the list.

Anemia would explain quit a bit over the last few months, exspecially once I read up on it more. Low iron was what I thought.... but it's so much more, and I won't bore ya'll with it. :-)