Friday, September 18, 2009

I will not be three, I will not be three, I will not be three....

Yesterday my husbands "second dad" passed away from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. As we were told, he hadn't been feeling well and when his wife called home to check on him he didn't answer, she rushed home to find him unresponsive. The 911 call went out, and one of his other "kids" was the first on scene sheriff and was unable to revive him either. My husbands brother was the third to arrive and all the boys stayed with "mom" until the coroner had come and gone. My husbands BF was this man's oldest step son, and my BIL's BF is this mans youngest step son. All 5 boys (yes there is one other, in the middle age wise, step son) grew up next door to each other since my husband was 10 or 11 and his brother was 7 or 8. My husband will be driving down to spend the day with the family on Sunday.

Today I find out that one of my fellow sups from the fair died of kidney cancer. She hadn't worked at the fair for a few years now, and had been exposed last year to some sort of toxic gas and inhaled it at her new job. It burned her lungs and heart and apparently did damage to her kidneys that they didn't find until too late.

Also today I find out (no one dead this time) that my mom had a bad fall yesterday and THEN her truck caught on fire on the way off the mountain on her way to town. Her and truck are fine. Truck was/is fixed as far as I know.

I think I'll go find a rock to hide under for a while. Sheesh.