Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When at my doctors on Friday he suggested I try this. He is a funny funny man that Dr. Blue Eyes. It should be noted that I have a sever phobia of having water up my nose. I have a hard time in the shower for gods sake and Dr BE wants me to voluntarily shove water up my nose. Irrigation is for fields people, not my sinuses. Upon reading the instructions, when I got to the line where it says, "...squeeze bottle until water starts to drain from the OPPOSITE nasal passage...", I just about threw the whole damn thing out the car window, freebie or not.

So it's taken me several days to man (woman) up to trying the damn irrigation system. Several of the talks went like this... "Oh it'll be fine you sissy ass, besides how will you ever convince your kid to try things he's unsure of if you won't. Oh screw you self, I've told him never to jump off a bridge if his friends do, I don't think drowning myself is going to prove any points."

So today I manned up. I had the boy ever so slightly warm the bottled water for me to drown myself with. Hey, I want to be warm and fuzzy while I DIE. Add the solution, which is really just a mild salt and baking soda mix, and march myself into the bathroom.
The directions say to bend at the waist and tilt head down, this keeps the solution from running down your throat... and you from gagging.
After a few trials and errors getting the bottle to work correctly.. it contains a straw that you hold vertical and squeeze and it shoots the water out the top... which was much easier than trying to tip my head to pour the stuff/shoot it up my nose.
Walla we had water flow from the other side! Ohh and a bonus, water shooting out my eye!

Sadly I have no gross reports of any small mine fields breaking loose in there. I'd spare you those details. No I wouldn't, really, has it been so long since I've posted you've forgotten who's writing?

You do have to clear your sinus's with a few gentle blows after you use the Rinse. And people, there was fair dirt in there! F.A.I.R. dirt. The same fair that has been over for 15 days. Identified by it's serious black color. Trust me, once you've seen fair dirt, you KNOW fair dirt. I mean really! Still? Holy crap.

I did notice that for a couple minutes when I tipped my head from side to side I would get a little water drip-age.

So the Sinus Rinse passed my test. I didn't die. My nose feels, umm... like a nose? Really it doesn't feel any different. For me this is to help alleve my allergies and maybe, just maybe, get me off the OTC decongestants that are really bad for my heart. I think it may take a few tries to break some of the old stuff we suspect is there.

But the main thing... I didn't DIE!