Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ok while I'm feeling better I still don't think the "new" med did anything. I still imagine it running wildly through my body going... Nose?Lungs?Ahhhh!!!!!Where to go first?!
I started the old reliable today. After 10 days of this I should be dead. No really hopefully that will knock everything back into submission for a while. It's like killing weeds. You know that little bastards are going to come back, you just hope you can hold them off longer and longer each time.

First morning of milk test went fine. It's ehh whatever. I just don't really care, ya know? And it gets really frustrating listening to "I'd sell that one if it was me" every freakin' time. After the first time... and the goats still there, apparently I don't agree. Duh?

We're delivering wood to Sarah today, so she'll have solid walls and a roof soon! Lucky duck. Then we're cleaning out stalls at my place, serious ewww, and moving yearlings out that should have been moved months ago. Tomorrow we'll haul out the babies because they are WAY WAY WAY too big for the pen here and I think it's hampering their growth. Plus I'm sick of them being loose in my yard. Not that I DO anything with the back yard.

I'll set up a pen for babies if I get some from MF. I still have to call him, but I'll set something up anyway. I actually have to make a trip up there in a couple weeks to milk test, so I may be able to pick some up if he'll let me raise some.

Mickey is so freakin' cute but he's a lot like a bull in a china shop.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I imagine antibiotics in my body like little viking warriors with metal headgear with horns carrying swords, those spikey balls on a stick, and yelling CHARGE!

Only this time I think they charged in.... took one look around and the lead dude with the horns stops dead in his booted tracks, turns to the others and yells "GO BACK! GO BACK! THERE'S TOO MANY, WE CAN'T GET OUT ALIVE" Yeah, for honor my ass, wimps.

I think this antibiotic is thinking holy hell man where do I start? My nose is better, my jaw isn't hurting like it has been, my three zits are gone. My lungs have green rubber cement in them still. Luckily I have lots more antibiotic where this came from.
Eventually it can start working on the lungs first. Right?

All in all I am feeling better. I don't sound great but my voice is back. I have three easy milk tests this weekend and the next "work" day will be Tuesday and I have help there.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Antibiotics on board. (fifteen days worth to be exact)
Inhalation medication on board. (3 different ones to try)

Someone want to hunt down this damn infection and tell it to get off.

My ribs are hurting from the constant coughing that was a few days ago, and must still be happening at night.

The receptionist says... wow you look like hell. The Dr walks in and says... How much and for how long?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the short of it

Mine went like this

Get up
head blows off shoulders from pressure of coughing
call doctor while sitting on porch crying
beg drugs off good friends
drive to goats to milk
sit on ground outside car
bill milks
go to eat
see doctor, prognosis pneumonia
get drugs
go to bank to pay for doctor
rob bank
go home
forget to pick child up from school
leave to pick him up as he walks in, oops
lose about 3 hours
go to milk
go home

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Grandpa. May you have a safe and speedy trip to heaven.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wedding Bliss

I think I'm a day late, but I have a very good reason, see I'm sick and that makes me pretty self centered ya know.

But I didn't want to totally miss pointing out that Joe and Barb finally tied the knot.