Thursday, May 31, 2007


I imagine antibiotics in my body like little viking warriors with metal headgear with horns carrying swords, those spikey balls on a stick, and yelling CHARGE!

Only this time I think they charged in.... took one look around and the lead dude with the horns stops dead in his booted tracks, turns to the others and yells "GO BACK! GO BACK! THERE'S TOO MANY, WE CAN'T GET OUT ALIVE" Yeah, for honor my ass, wimps.

I think this antibiotic is thinking holy hell man where do I start? My nose is better, my jaw isn't hurting like it has been, my three zits are gone. My lungs have green rubber cement in them still. Luckily I have lots more antibiotic where this came from.
Eventually it can start working on the lungs first. Right?

All in all I am feeling better. I don't sound great but my voice is back. I have three easy milk tests this weekend and the next "work" day will be Tuesday and I have help there.

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