Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pudding and applesauce

WOO HOOO. My dad has been upgraded to pudding and applesauce. Nothing else. No ice cream or anything, but at least he can swallow something. I'm sure he's well on his way to planning his first big meal. (Steak and potatoes guaranteed) He has a pact with Greg already to eat out the kitchen continuously. He foolishly thinks he can keep up with Greg. Ha. Dude. Have you *seen* him? And you. You haven't been able to eat for 30 days. You better train before you throw down that challenge.

We had a little rain. It doesn't feel too much cooler. Today I'm going to toss out some fertilizer on the field in case we have more rain.

Remember that Wii neckache I was complaining about? It reared it's head all weekend as a full fledged sprung neck. I could hardly move my head and had a hard time even standing up. Frankly it's still today bad. I'm off to the chiropractor to see his he can spin a little magic because all the normal tricks aren't working and a few days of limited sleep is ok, but we're at a week now. Damn Wii. How sad is it to say that you hurt yourself playing a video game. *pfttt*

I gave Flower the border collie a bath yesterday while it was hot/humid. Now she looks like I stuck her paw in a light socket. She was less than impressed with the tied to the fence bathing approach.
She was like, Dude I'm old, do you see this face:
It spells OLD, and you're bathing me in COLD water. OUTSIDE? Hello, Bathtub? Warm water? *Sigh*

And this? We aren't even talking about this violation of space. OMG. I *think* she *might* have licked me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Grrr.... lots of money out and people aren't paying yet. I hate having to send a second notice. *Sigh*

This is my least favorite part of business. For someone else I like bookkeeping. For myself it is a part I don't mind leaving to the end.

I am good about getting my initial bills right out. It's just the follow through that I dislike. It was much easier to track in my head when there were only 6 herds. Now that there are 13, I had to make a chart. It helps me not get antsy too. Sometime I start getting antsy for the money within a week and I have to remind myself people need time to get paid too. *grumble*

This is why I don't like driving either. I get antsy. I want to be there NOW. I spent all that time packing/preparing/prepping now I want to be there RIGHT NOW. Reason I should have a helicopter. Or be able to teleport.