Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Almost rang in the new year with "The Malone".

My friends sons band and they rocked. My feet and still tingly from the vibrations on the floor.

I say almost because it's 11:31 and we're home. I can only handle so much bar scene. I was mucho relieved when S & T said they were heading home. The fact that I'm so much older than 90% of the people in there might have had a little to do with it.

I thought about dropping by the Ivanhoe on my way out of town to see what my dad was up to, but then thought better of it. I'd rather not see him drooling on some 20 something. *Shudder* *Cringe* *Bleh*

So that was my night. I hope you had a good one yourself. And HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it not be as shitty as the last!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Not much to report. I'm going into hell month feeling like ass. I haven't even gotten through the easy month without feeling like ass.

Last night was U-G-L-Y. Low oxygen, wonkie head, numb legs, aching neck.

Who's taking bets Chrismas '09 is going to be black? Oh shut up, you can't say you haven't thought of it. Shit I do.

I've considered selling the goats this year. Just keeping the pets. I may still do that. We'll see if kids change my opinion. Don't count on it as that's the time of year I hate the most. I dunno. I start feeling shitty and selling it all sounds very appealing, but then I'll do nothing but sit on my ass and do nothing. Which, while that sounds appealing for a short time, would be my undoing. I just can't be that bored.

The dreaded lunch went fine yesterday for the short while that it lasted. Short was GOOD. Come to find out they were here for most of the day, but we did lunch. Everyone was on their best behavior, except my husband, who can't help throwing darts at his brother for being a lazy ass, unemployed, not even trying to find work, able bodied, father of two. Too lazy to fill out UNEMPLOYMENT paperwork. *gaaahh*

I just kept my mouth shut. Good plan for me. I did try to kick hubby under the table but missed. Dammit.