Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crochet count. 80/616. I'm like 13% of the way. Yet one color of squares is almost done. Really would only take an hour to finish that color. I can do about 10 squares an hour while I'm on-line diddling around.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A word from on the road. We are currently in Merced Ca. I've been to the lab and dropped off my meters and my milk samples. I'm exhausted because as always I didn't sleep last night.

Magellen got us here in one piece and with, more or less, less trouble than Mapquest. Though she almost found herself in a million peices on the highway in Santa Rosa, you know when we turned it on and it said we were still in Fortuna. No, biotch we are NOT. We ARE in bumper to bumper traffic and need to know where to TURN. It might have been tragic to call my dad and tell him his navigator was in a million pieces somewhere on Hwy 101. After we relocated the GPS and got her on our side she was a handy little bitch. "Continue on current path in 2.2 miles" Gee thanks, go straight F O R E V E R.

Tonight we've already voted on Carrows for dinner. We stopped at the truck stop we like on the way down and I think it's still with me. Ugh. 7am we're up tomorrow and headed to the lab. Unless I get a call. Maybe I'll sleep in. They did teach me a couple cool tricks for sending info to them (the lab) that I didn't know and of course PROVO acted totally stupid over. I do try to figure this stuff out on my own. Why they couldn't tell me Click on "Export to the lab", ummm DUH. Worse, I actually ASKED about that one!

So I'm tired, did I mention that? The fact that it's foggy and the whole trip was foggy isn't helping. I had thought about doing some shopping while here, but frankly I don't care. Maybe I'll stay in Santa Rosa tomorrow. Nahh, probably head home, unless I don't sleep again.

I do love this access to wireless though. Not only can I take the puter with me, I can use it in the car if I need to.

Right now my dog is riffling through the pillows on the bed. Too many to choose one to sleep on, or dig in, or you know whatever bored dachshunds do. I have a funny picture of her on the dash on the way down the way she rides most of the time, which I'd upload but I didn't being the connecting cord. You'll have to wait till I get home. :-P