Friday, June 22, 2007

Copied directly from JoeFish.

Do you know New York City's Watchdog? The poor man is suffering an unimaginable tragedy. Yesterday, Thursday the 22nd, he lost his 5 year-old son in a swimming pool accident.

Avitable has set up a Puppy Monster Memorial Fund to help Dawg with his expenses. I urge you to show your support in this most trying time by making a contribution.

Thank you in advance.


I couldn't have said it better. All I can say right now is OMG over and over anyway. I'm just sick for Dawg. I just can't imagine his pain and grief.
He is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope a few dollars will help them cover costs. Every bit helps and I know he would do the same for me, and we've never met, because he's like that. This is a man who sent me a V-day card out of the blue (and every one of the women on our forum, so don't think I'm special or anything). My husband doesn't do that. *grin*

Dawg- If you make it by, which I'm sure you won't and I don't blame you, but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sooo very sorry for your loss.
This just in! As of 3:25 pm on Sat. $1700 has been raised for the Dawg and his family. I can't tell you how awesome this blog family is. So for everything you have done, even if it is to hug your own child a little tighter while thinking of the Puppy Monster, THANK YOU!
Edit again: Tonight (Sunday) at 8:00pm we have raised $2100. I know this will help ease at least the financial burden on this family. The funeral will be Tuesday. So if you have a second on Tuesday, hug your babies and think of the Puppy for a moment.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whole wheat cinnamon rolls don't taste like whole wheat.

Guess what I made today?

Yeah no worries, I'm not going all Suzy Homemaker.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My dog is sitting and staring at her food. Numb nut.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Look what he did to me

Look at this. Evil spawn of satan. He maimed me. I'm winged. I'm battered and bruised.If you look very closely at the second picture you will see a tiny red dot. THAT is the cause of all this bruising my evil spawn caused. Ok so maybe he's not evil spawn. It was totally an accident. He didn't think about the fact that chicken wire rolls back up like a fucking spring. I was attaching it, he let the end go and it sprang back at me. I deflected it catching a few ends on the back of my hand. I gave him the "you're lucky that wasn't my eyes, what the hell were you thinking" speech. I knew I was bleeding a little. They're TINY wires people. DROPS of blood at the BEST.

So why, please tell me, did I have blood RUNNING off my arm? I sent Gee for gauze and duct tape. Obviously I was going to have to dam the flood. By the time the poor kid (he takes this stuff so personally) got back, there was blood everywhere. I looked a little like I was trying to slaughter myself at the base of a pine tree. The tree had blood all over it, the wire had blood all over, my clothes, I had to pull off my wedding ring because A) the finger was swelling around it and B) it was full of blood! If you again look at that TINY FUCKING HOLE in my finger you will note it's in the white band on my RING finger. Normally that white band is covered by my wedding rings.

So not only did a tiny little wire pierce my skin and nick a vein, it did so, after passing BETWEEN my wedding rings.

Pretty huh? I'm soooo getting mileage out of this one. At least today, the swelling has gone down. It was really pretty before.

Edited to add: I just tried to put my rings back on. Apparently we're still swollen. I can get them on, but they feel tight. Tiny dot? Totally under the diamond in my ring. Freak I tell ya, FREAK.