Friday, May 30, 2008

Irritated. Really Irritated. I'm not sure if the 8am call irritated me more or the context of the call. So A's doeling now has to be "re-registered". She has to turn the paperwork back into ADGA because the breeder put down the wrong SIRE? The sire we were told, not the sire. The sire she filled out on the ADGA application and pre-filled in for the does name, NOT the SIRE. Who does that? I mean... sire... or NOT-THE-SIRE.
In the course of the conversation I come to find out, the 2 other triplets from this litter that we weren't allowed to look at because she was keeping one, are both in the replacement doe sale. Kiss them goodbye. One of those does was one A asked about before she choose Addy. Oh well, once she saw Addy it was pretty much all over anyway. To me it's just the idea.
Is it bad that I secretly hope both does don't bring enough to cover the cost of buying them (which they likely won't) and that RC buys them both? Yeah, ok, I thought so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarah secretly loves nubians but I think she doesn't want to be *a nubian person*. Hahaha I'm not telling how I know.

No good deed....

goes unpunished.

I've done my good deed for the day, punishment awaits.

My dog can't get on my bed by herself. Oh, she has no fear getting down in true superman *I can fly* fashion, but she just can't get up there. So she finds something to stand on, stretches as far to the edge of the bed as she can, makes as much noise as possible without whining or barking and then looks at me like *HELLO HUMAN, A LITTLE HELP WOULD BE NICE.* So when I call her over, because I toss her the 3 feet from my computer chair to my bed, she runs like her tail in on fire. Then when I pick her up, she poises her body in my hands for best launch. This is so she gets as much flight for her toss I guess. Crazy ass dog.