Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's cold. The sun is out, my son talked me into being lazy and hanging out at home instead of getting anything done at the goats. He says we can do it tonight when we get there. He's a bad influence that one.

Milk shipped
Blood shipped
MF's kids cleaned (their roof leaked)
5/6 of the little bastards drink on command, the oldest is finally swallowing on her own at least. I think I may have even heard a sucking noise today.

Greg is working on unpacking my sample bottles. I work tomorrow and I am VERY glad I didn't try to work yesterday. I felt like doggy do do yesterday and am only slightly better today. My lower legs are like ice cubes and my head is a little loopy.

My puppy is always so happy to see me even if it's only been 2 minutes since she saw me last.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sarah says I should be able to get off my ass and post once a week. Ha she's funny. Ok ok so I'm going to TRY and at LEAST post on Sundays until I get back in the blogging groove. Which MIGHT be after Aug.

So here's my week in a recap version.

Tuesday we milk tested my soon to be largest herd. It went well, though is a long day testing. I relish in the fact that while it takes almost an hour for two of us to set that barn up for testing, it only takes 5 hired hands plus my son and I 10 minutes to tear it down. I then had to go milk my own goats and feed my babies which meant it was after 10 before I saw my couch.

Wednesday I shipped all those milk samples we collected. This was the first day Ash came on the bus after school to feed her baby. We also started cleaning the stalls at the barn. Greg also picked out and brought home his replacement doe from Sarah. We had plans to go to Eureka, but we BS'd at Sarah's too long. :-)

Thursday it was Bill's B-day so Greg and I got up early and ran to Fortuna to get some balloons and a cake to have out when Bill got up. We were still cleaning pens and Greg's teacher came for a visit and homework re-assignment. This next week is their spring break. Sarah brought me some babies from MF's to raise. HOLY HELL. We'll get back to this later. I have to remind myself I ASKED for this!

Friday we went to Eureka to buy a new pitchfork to replace the one that broke on Thursday. We also went to BB&B and found my dream thermometer. It's the probe type with an alarm when the item reaches a certain temperature. I love it and I'm using it to pasteurize my milk. If I could remember to SET the alarm part I would love it MORE!

On Saturday we picked up Ash and built fence. Actually we re-built fence. Goats are hard on fence that doesn't have an electric reminder with it. After 4 years of abuse our corral fences needed re-doing. They also needed to be something our babies would respect and not fit right through.

It's sunday and that's a week in review. I'm really achy and sore. Bill hit me with a 2x4 on the arm and it hurt like a bitch at the time, and I have only a little scratch to show for it. Yet I went to latch a gate a filleted my palm on a little bit of wire. The new babies are in quarantine still and 5/6 are drinking off of a bottle. FINALLY the smallest baby got it last night. I was about to write her off as soon to be dead, and WOO HOO she SUCKED. I had been pretty much pouring milk down her throat. The biggest and obviously oldest kid will have nothing to do with a bottle. We're still trying.

HEY that may be why my wrists hurt so much. That angle is murder on my arms. And when they start to suck, man you freeze because you don't want to spook them off.

Have a great week everyone, see you next Sunday, if not before.