Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look Puppies!

turn on volume for puppy squeaks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been feeling like a dead donkey's ass for about a week. (Yeah that is really what I mean, think about it for a minute and just imagine it.)

So I did what normal people do and *insert gasps here* CALLED the Dr. and made an appointment! I gave them a huge window to give me an appointment like I was in no hurry, but I think the way I was gasping for air gave her reason to worry. (By the way the proper way to gasp and utilize the most oxygen is "Smell the roses [in through the nose], blow out the candles" [out through the mouth] Ya know, in case you ever need that information) So my appointment was for today at 4:30. I left with 2 PAGES of prescriptions. By this time next week I should feel like wonder woman.

Right now I feel like a luke warm, just dead donkey's ass. Total step up. Aptly timed since I have to work tomorrow. This not being able to walk 10' shit ain't gonna cut it. Ask Sarah. Went with Mr to drop off her lumber this morning and she offered us coffee, a rare treat at her house. Not that coffee is rare, she's like me and doesn't extend an invite in often. We always jump on those chances. Anyway, her house is two story and the walk up the stairs to the kitchen had me about having a heart attack at the top. Once there I was thinking two things A) damn I'm glad I made that appointment and B) wonder how hard a pulley system would be to rig up. 'Cuz, you know, we have ZERO stairs in our house. (I also thought, damn I hope I don't pee my pants. 'Cuz I can only consentrate on so many things at once, and breathing was taking priority.)

So after getting my *gag* just shy of $200 in meds (this isn't counting the several hundreds in free samples I took with me) we went to visit my dad. He's doing so much better and today was in a good mood for a change.

Came home, oxygened up, and used my new nebulizer. It's WAY cool. *ahem* The ones I've been using could have, just maybe were, from ohh the Reagan era. It has little rubber flapper deals that keep all the meds in so you don't lose ANY, which is way awesome, it looks really funky, but works really well. In fact, either the neb worked really well or the prednisone is taking effect cuz right now, with oxygen I feel better. My head is wonky though. Could be the head cold I'm fighting with the onset of all the rest of this shit.

Worky tomorrow. I hope I don't crap out. That will suck much.