Saturday, September 1, 2007

So Avitable the hairy bastard blatantly STOLE a meme from Sheila where they took pictures of something of theirs to show off.

Then Sarah took a VIDEO of hers!

Shit man, I nothing if not a follower so since they showed theirs I'll show mine.

Are you SURE?

WHAT?! Sickos, what did you think it would be? Oh nevermind... I did use Avitable's name in the first sentence, could have been anything huh?

I could have labeled things on there all day. Like where the hell did that milk sample come from? No really, WHERE? Because knowing where might tell me how LONG it's been there. What, you think I'm going to OPEN it, are you freaking NUTS? That's a science experiment gone horribly horribly wrong.

I did have to point out the little white boxes, thought MD might get a cringe out of that.... they do need a dusting. *chuckle*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Yum. Turkey lasagna in the oven baking as we speak.

Hubby can't have beef, so turkey versions here we come. Blech.

This one, tastes great. I think finding a "high fat" ground turkey helped.
I loath back to school. It has nothing to do with the shopping and the endless spending that seems to hit like a freight train this time of year.

I'm one of those parents that likes my kid being around. I don't look forward to back to school as a time for moments of piece and quiet, it is a rude interruption to our routine.

I'm one of those parents that probably should home school. What so far has saved my son from that is my known perfectionism. It wouldn't be fair to him with my OCD tendencies toward all things school and homework related. The kid would never move for days.

Besides, for him to support me in a way I want to be accustomed he's going to have to get a really good education.