Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nothing much to report down here. Made it through a WHOLE appointment at the hospital without someone deciding I should hang out and stay for a while.

It looks like the sun is going to come out today...finally. I could use a dose of sun in my life. I'm bored stiff. You can only walk around this park so many times. I'm going to put around in my car a little this weekend and see how that goes. I'm not worried that I forgot to drive or anything...mostly that I am comfortable enough behind the wheel. If I was home I would be more likely to be out and about already, but traffic here is a whole new ball of wax.

So alls going well, just trying to pass the time between appointments and the time I can come home and be bored there instead.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Saturday night I finally was home and not having yet some other procedure done so I made it past that 48 hour mark where I could finally have a damn shower. Ok, before you think EWWWWW.... sink baths have their usefulness, and a lovely NA at the hospital rigged a chair and I leaned into a shower and she washed my hair, so it isn't as bad as it sounds.

Anyway, shower. I was FREEZING! There wasn't enough hot water in that bathroom. Our trailer has a shower, if you don't want to raise your arms, or turn around, so I'm opting for the park restrooms/showers. The incision under my right breast, which I've been having people look at for weeks, opened up in a spot and drained a bunch of nasty goop. Yellow/brown but not smelly or chunky. I cleaned some out there and when I came back to the house...and stopped shaking like a leaf...I was able to clear a little more. I opted not to call home health then knowing they were coming in the morning anyway, and I had no fever.

When HH got here on Sunday she flipped through the roof. My thermometer is a little temperamental and she took it's first reading, 99.1, (stupid thing read 99.1 the next three times I tried to use it too....seems better now) plus the weeping and sent me to the ER at about 4:30pm last night. Upon check-in at the fever. Never had a fever.... blood work was normal, white blood cells normal. All checked out. The surgery team came and took a look, they don't want it messed with, no dressing. I'll see them on Tuesday at my clinic appointment. There was actually some talk of reopening that area of the incision and cleaning and re-closing. This was not my favorite option obviously. I really just want to be sure this is dressed correctly so it will heal. They are going to order some different shots during my CT scan next week to make sure there is nothing pulled loose inside that will need to be fixed. We rolled out for home at about 9. Uncle stopped at McD's for us so we could snag some dinner, I was famished. I was beyond hungry, I had actually banned the talk of food. You know you are starved when your 16 year old son tells you to slow down.

I'm still shooting for coming home the second week of Dec. I don't know with all this "other" stuff going on if my schedule will stay like it is, or if they will tack on some extra tests and things at the end. Once I get to a once a week clinic only, I'm coming home. I will just have to drive down once a week for clinic. Labs I can have at home.