Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Thanksgiving 08

We went to my moms for thanksgiving like we always do. This year had a slight (monumental until it was over) difference. I'm on oxygen at night. Any my mom has no power. While yes the easy answer would be, run a generator, would you like to get up to feed it? So I opted for the, go without, take the machine and gas up the genny in case. This worked out just fine.

Only my mom tried to bake me the first night taking the "chill" off the Hollister house. Holy crap. I like to be cold. The colder the better because

then I can bundle under my blankets. I literally cannot sleep if my shoulders are not covered by a blanket. She fired up the wood stove and then we let it burn out, but it was way too warm in there for hours and I couldn't sleep.

Aside from that Thanksgiving was alot of fun. It looked like this:

Just four for dinner. Not counting dogs. ;-) (there were 3 of those inside)

I only spent 15 min in the bathroom while my guts tried to fall out. It wouldn't be a holiday if someone wasn't holding there end of the conversation from the bathroom. Lucky for me that door behind my head there leads to the bathroom. They could have almost passed me the rolls without getting up. I thought about asking for a TV tray.

Friday we filled pot holes and burnt my moms brush pile.

And then she hands me this crochet pattern book. This is when I realize how evil my mother is. It has this pattern for a crocheted quilt. EVIL. 2 1/4" squares. 616 of them.

Guess what I did today? Why yes, the yarn store was open. thankyouverymuch.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work was fine. Which is saying VOLUMES for the herd I did.

The son looked like hell. Wow. And not even in the "you need a haircut and a bath" kind of way, which he did. Hauling shit all day does that to you.

So while I was waiting to start work I decided to start trying to figure out why the laptop runs so damn slow. Programs open like they are fighting their way through glue. It's sad. It was supposedly just 'reformatted' by a "professional" in ****townnearhere***. So upon digging I find ALL of my aunts photo's. I can't begin to tell you how many there are. It took 26 minutes to copy half of them to a CD. This same "prof" supposedly cleaned these files and saved them to disk for her.

She has the disks and the files. But they were never removed from this laptop. Nor were any of the 101 million programs she had installed.

So I copied a second backup for her of the photos, including the ones he "lost" and said were corrupted. They weren't, he's an idiot. I scored some great photos of my dad, papa, aunt, uncle, cousins.

The better news. I do not have to wait for that computer to be done defraging to play online. It's been at it an hour and it's only 25% done. Thank god for second computers.

Tomorrow I go shopping. Just shoot me. Luckily I need nothing turkey related. I need all other food we'll need. Breakfast/lunch stuff for the other days. Here's hoping Bill found someone to feed my dogs. Hate to be all HI Mom! We brought all the dogs! Hope you don't mind! Might be a short trip. REALLY short.

Oh and I need to make cinnamon rolls. Bleh.

Monday, November 24, 2008

That's it. I'm a freakin' whimp. Or falling apart. Or something.

I think I mentioned I'm working on a sweater for my foo foo dog?
The brown hairy turd as my son calls her.

She's about a year old now BTW. I know! OMG!

Anyway. So I'm working away on this bleeping sweater when I think, owie my forearm is a little tender.

Fast forward about an hour when I'm sitting eating and realize OMG my arm. It's numb. From the elbow to the wrist. Holy shit. No.Not.Numb. PAIN. Pins and needles. Fire. Burning.OUCH.

What the hell? It's totally painful to twist my hand back and forth. I've only crocheted about 20 rows.

What a woos. I think i need to start working out or something.
In health news; Mine. Heart rate erratic again. Lungs feel ok. Drugs seem to be helping but the heart is having some issues.
In Health News; Dad. Shoulder procedure went well today. He seems to think he has lots more movement, but it was also totally numb. It will be interesting to see how it is tomorrow (!) at theropy. My guess, he's not a happy camper. I know RM was glad to see us go. We're a rowdy group.
We went to see a movie last night. We never go see movies. I remember why now. I gave the boys (am i nuts?) the choice. Twilight or 007. Either I would watch. We went to 007 which I pretty much knew as soon as I gave them a choice.

And it all went south. HOLY SHIT! LOUD. It was so loud that my ears started ringing immediately. I had to sent Bill out to get napkins so I could shove them in my ears like ear plugs. Bill is hard of hearing and said it was too loud. With ear plugs in I could hear everything. I probably could have heard everything from the STREET. WITH my earplugs. It made the whole movie miserable. The movie was ehhh. I like 007. This one was ok.

The final vote once home was (not made by me), we should have seen Twilight. It seems to be a better big screen movie. This 007 wasn't as much a "big screen" must see as some of the others have been.

Looks like we'll be going to Eureka to see Twilight. I'll be packing earplugs just in case. Fortuna has lost our business for sure. At least until my ears stop ringing and my eyes stop twitching.

Use it or lose it

I shake like a leaf.

Really I remind myself of someone with Parkinson's and that's not to take Parkinson's lightly.

You can be sure it's due to the enormous amounts of steroids or steroid like drugs I take. It's still no fun.

My fine motor skills have been sucking lately. Today I sat down to crochet. A sweater for my dog, cuz she doesn't care about my mistakes. Plus she's impossible to fit with a commercial anything. 9" neck, 14" waist.. 22" long. Yeah she's somewhere between a chihuahua and a freight train.

But I digress. I started out with the standard chain that you start any crocheting with and I was shaking so hard I could barely get the damn hook through the loop. After about 20minutes of fighting it I noticed the shakes had stopped. But my vision was blurry. Go figure. I totally will blame that on my age and who makes print this fine anyway. WTH?

Appointment at the eye doctor is in order. I'm sure my eyes are failing even without all the extra drugs I take that effect these things.

But today I had to get new shoes for my car. I can only spend so many hundreds in a day. 5 is my limit. Opps, maxed out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Totally allergic to grain dust.

That's handy.

I started to suspect this about a month ago, but since I was "sick" it was hard to determine. So since I'm "healthy-er" yesterday confirmed the dust theory.

This AM.
Goopy eyes, check.
Tight chest, check.
Raspy, goopy, bleedy lungs, check.
Slight pressure headache started last night, check.

Next test with grain I'll try and antihistamine and see if that does the trick.

In other news, I've been feeling fine up to and including last night. I only was woke up at like 4am with the gurgling lung trick. It passed quickly so it wasn't much. I called the burn day hot-line while I was up, since the plan for today was to get up at 6am and go burn the huge pile of limbs. However today, no burn day. Figures.

So instead I slept in. Now we're going to go have brunch somewhere and find something totally unproductive to do. Then maybe I'll come home and make cinnamon rolls.