Monday, November 24, 2008

That's it. I'm a freakin' whimp. Or falling apart. Or something.

I think I mentioned I'm working on a sweater for my foo foo dog?
The brown hairy turd as my son calls her.

She's about a year old now BTW. I know! OMG!

Anyway. So I'm working away on this bleeping sweater when I think, owie my forearm is a little tender.

Fast forward about an hour when I'm sitting eating and realize OMG my arm. It's numb. From the elbow to the wrist. Holy shit. No.Not.Numb. PAIN. Pins and needles. Fire. Burning.OUCH.

What the hell? It's totally painful to twist my hand back and forth. I've only crocheted about 20 rows.

What a woos. I think i need to start working out or something.
In health news; Mine. Heart rate erratic again. Lungs feel ok. Drugs seem to be helping but the heart is having some issues.
In Health News; Dad. Shoulder procedure went well today. He seems to think he has lots more movement, but it was also totally numb. It will be interesting to see how it is tomorrow (!) at theropy. My guess, he's not a happy camper. I know RM was glad to see us go. We're a rowdy group.
We went to see a movie last night. We never go see movies. I remember why now. I gave the boys (am i nuts?) the choice. Twilight or 007. Either I would watch. We went to 007 which I pretty much knew as soon as I gave them a choice.

And it all went south. HOLY SHIT! LOUD. It was so loud that my ears started ringing immediately. I had to sent Bill out to get napkins so I could shove them in my ears like ear plugs. Bill is hard of hearing and said it was too loud. With ear plugs in I could hear everything. I probably could have heard everything from the STREET. WITH my earplugs. It made the whole movie miserable. The movie was ehhh. I like 007. This one was ok.

The final vote once home was (not made by me), we should have seen Twilight. It seems to be a better big screen movie. This 007 wasn't as much a "big screen" must see as some of the others have been.

Looks like we'll be going to Eureka to see Twilight. I'll be packing earplugs just in case. Fortuna has lost our business for sure. At least until my ears stop ringing and my eyes stop twitching.

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