Monday, November 24, 2008

Use it or lose it

I shake like a leaf.

Really I remind myself of someone with Parkinson's and that's not to take Parkinson's lightly.

You can be sure it's due to the enormous amounts of steroids or steroid like drugs I take. It's still no fun.

My fine motor skills have been sucking lately. Today I sat down to crochet. A sweater for my dog, cuz she doesn't care about my mistakes. Plus she's impossible to fit with a commercial anything. 9" neck, 14" waist.. 22" long. Yeah she's somewhere between a chihuahua and a freight train.

But I digress. I started out with the standard chain that you start any crocheting with and I was shaking so hard I could barely get the damn hook through the loop. After about 20minutes of fighting it I noticed the shakes had stopped. But my vision was blurry. Go figure. I totally will blame that on my age and who makes print this fine anyway. WTH?

Appointment at the eye doctor is in order. I'm sure my eyes are failing even without all the extra drugs I take that effect these things.

But today I had to get new shoes for my car. I can only spend so many hundreds in a day. 5 is my limit. Opps, maxed out.

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