Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

We went to my moms for thanksgiving like we always do. This year had a slight (monumental until it was over) difference. I'm on oxygen at night. Any my mom has no power. While yes the easy answer would be, run a generator, would you like to get up to feed it? So I opted for the, go without, take the machine and gas up the genny in case. This worked out just fine.

Only my mom tried to bake me the first night taking the "chill" off the Hollister house. Holy crap. I like to be cold. The colder the better because

then I can bundle under my blankets. I literally cannot sleep if my shoulders are not covered by a blanket. She fired up the wood stove and then we let it burn out, but it was way too warm in there for hours and I couldn't sleep.

Aside from that Thanksgiving was alot of fun. It looked like this:

Just four for dinner. Not counting dogs. ;-) (there were 3 of those inside)

I only spent 15 min in the bathroom while my guts tried to fall out. It wouldn't be a holiday if someone wasn't holding there end of the conversation from the bathroom. Lucky for me that door behind my head there leads to the bathroom. They could have almost passed me the rolls without getting up. I thought about asking for a TV tray.

Friday we filled pot holes and burnt my moms brush pile.

And then she hands me this crochet pattern book. This is when I realize how evil my mother is. It has this pattern for a crocheted quilt. EVIL. 2 1/4" squares. 616 of them.

Guess what I did today? Why yes, the yarn store was open. thankyouverymuch.


Anonymous said...

Hey make a copy for me and I'll make one, too.

I have real trouble reading a crochet pattern and maybe you can help. I've been wanting to crochet an afghan for a long time but I have troubles...


Fogspinner said...

I can't knit but crochet I can help with. Plus I have a book for beginners that is how i taught myself. I still use it when I get stumped. Sometimes it's just the abv. I don't understand.

Jen said...

Wow I cannot imagine living without power! Your mom's house looks beautiful though!

Enjoy the crocheting!