Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work was fine. Which is saying VOLUMES for the herd I did.

The son looked like hell. Wow. And not even in the "you need a haircut and a bath" kind of way, which he did. Hauling shit all day does that to you.

So while I was waiting to start work I decided to start trying to figure out why the laptop runs so damn slow. Programs open like they are fighting their way through glue. It's sad. It was supposedly just 'reformatted' by a "professional" in ****townnearhere***. So upon digging I find ALL of my aunts photo's. I can't begin to tell you how many there are. It took 26 minutes to copy half of them to a CD. This same "prof" supposedly cleaned these files and saved them to disk for her.

She has the disks and the files. But they were never removed from this laptop. Nor were any of the 101 million programs she had installed.

So I copied a second backup for her of the photos, including the ones he "lost" and said were corrupted. They weren't, he's an idiot. I scored some great photos of my dad, papa, aunt, uncle, cousins.

The better news. I do not have to wait for that computer to be done defraging to play online. It's been at it an hour and it's only 25% done. Thank god for second computers.

Tomorrow I go shopping. Just shoot me. Luckily I need nothing turkey related. I need all other food we'll need. Breakfast/lunch stuff for the other days. Here's hoping Bill found someone to feed my dogs. Hate to be all HI Mom! We brought all the dogs! Hope you don't mind! Might be a short trip. REALLY short.

Oh and I need to make cinnamon rolls. Bleh.

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