Monday, April 20, 2009


Wow I should come around and dust a little more often. Sorry for the absence. I just haven't had a lot to say that I haven't said already. Just been doing the same ol same ol.

Been feeling better-ish. Every day is different. We did have to take me off one of the drugs they were hoping would be a huge help for me because it actually made my breathing worse.

My last dr's appointment went about how I expected. I'm marginally better but there is no room to really gain much with the amount of permanent damage to my lungs. As in, there is no mucus to clear out to gain capacity, my lungs have rotted away similar to emphysema without the total hardening. I have major inflammation and that's what we are trying to find a happy balance with.

In three months we decide which (not if) transplant team I'll be joining. I'm hoping to be able to stay at my current hospital. However in these economic times it seems unlikely they will find the grants they need to start their unit as they hoped. So it looks like I'll join UCSF and at least get hooked up, it's not that they'll put me right on the list, though my DR thinks that shouldn't be a problem. I'm a prefect candidate.

Frankly the thought of the transplant doesn't bother me at all, I'm rather looking forward to new lungs, but the switching doctors. OMG! I'd rather eat nails.

So there you have it. It's starting into show season, on one of my busiest working months, and I'm totally unprepared. I also don't want to run myself into the ground. I rather like breathing, though it is fairly overrated.

This years kids have me wanting to pull my hair out. They are all very nice and I can't pick just 5. I think I'll toss their numbers in a hat and draw. I think i can chalk this season up to a success. *knock on wood*

*because I said that they will all die in the heat. 100 on my front porch in the sun. screw this!