Saturday, July 19, 2008


or not.

I swear I'm getting a shirt that reads "I'm probably old enough to be your mother"

A twenty something admissions lady yesterday just about fainted when I told her I was almost 34. She swore I was 18, she even questioned whether I could sign for my father legally. HELLO? Yeah my dad, he was a really late bloomer. And the old smart ass, he chuckled.

After telling the front desk lady I was waiting for my son to bring in my purse so she could get a copy of a form for the above admissions lady, Greg walks in and she says, "That's your son? I thought you were brother and sister. How old ARE you?"

AURGH! While I try to remember that when I'm 60 I'll only look 40 and WOW think of all the advantages of that! Right now at 34 with a 5'5" 12 year old son... this sucks. I'm always making a point to say "Now son" or something similar. You have no idea how many times I've overheard how "cute" it was that we were out on a date. HA! My dates better not play their game player during dinner or they'd eat it.

Dye my hair? Cut it shorter? Pray my gray comes in faster?

The best was going out to dinner with my husband. I walk in first, then Greg, then Bill. The waitress looks right past me to Bill and says "Sir, will that be two children's menus." I grit my teeth and say, "No, that will be none." Grrr.....

I am smiling about it... Now. I think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things I have learned today.
  • It is easier to dial my friends numbers that to look for them in my phone directory. That is if I could remember the numbers. Who remembers numbers anymore? I have autosave for a reason.
  • I :PPH: my clients. Specifically the ones that say, Hey we can skip this month you have enough on your plate right now.
  • My schedule for the next 4 months is hectic. OMG!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Your result for The Camelot Test...

King Arthur

You value honor and equality. You are courageous and logical. While you may be passionate at times, you rarely let your emotion affect your decisions. You are (according to legend) probably the greatest monarch of all time.

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