Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You HAVE to be kidding me

Out of the 30 odd goats I've disbudded just THIS year, the one that gets sick doesn't belong to me. CRAP! Ass's show doe has in infected horn bud. G noticed last night and they (meaning G and Ass)treated with some LA after cleaning it out good. This AM G tells me she's not eating. BAD sign in goats. Especially baby goats.

Off to Ferndale for Pen G and some new wound spray. I have G drag the doe in the house for me to look at. Wound looks good but smells AWFUL. I mean worse than bad. Worse than infection bad. So I treated it, boiled with peroxide, dosed with Blue Kote, gave a shot of Pen, and a bottle... which she drank (thank you god). Then she started to shake. Shock maybe, but it made me think of tetanus which made me give her a whopping shot of antitoxin to be sure. Oh and an asprin for the head ache I'm sure she has. I also clipped all the hair off which made a huge scab/crust fall off.... all the way to her eye brow. She smells better now. She has a gapping hole in her skull from her horn bud to her eye brow. It looks nasty, but I think she'll be alright. I mean, I'm sure she'll be dead when I get home from the CT scan. (The minute you say OK they die...just covering my bases)

And all.. NOT my goat. A goat for someone who worked their ass off to save to buy a goat from a top breeder. Gah. This is my luck.. you all know that right?
This week went from a lovely slow week to rest and recoop from the three days in hell, to a sprint to the end.

What the hell?

I actually went back to bed this morning with my o2 on. I had all sorts of heart issues yesterday that I really shouldn't have. This tells me I needed to rest more. Problem is, I also need to be in about 365 other places. I can rest when I'm dead right. Yeah well, there is what we're trying to avoid. The whole dead thing.

So today I have a test. An iodine -something that sounded like stain- CT scan. I'm likely to have an adverse reaction to this test. It's been said everyone in my family has. Oh what fun! It's not the CT scan that's the issue, be there, had those. It's the injection of iodine.

Tomorrow I go to Arcata to set up for a goat milk test. I'm waiting to hear back from my lab about more bottles. I just don't have enough to go around, but they come in lots of 2500. I don't need that many. *Whaaaaaa!*

We also meet with G's teacher. On the way to Arcata. Rather than trying to rush through things up there and being home by 2. Because you know it's going to take a while to snoop around. ;-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warning; Photo Post Ahead

Remember the Road Sign I said I'd post a picture of? Yeah well there it is. This one we actually stopped on the way home to get a picture of, it had me giggling for miles.

So we arrived in Red Bluff Friday night. What you aren't seeing is the heat waves rising off the road or perhaps the road melting under our tires. It was 86 degrees at 9:30 that night when we went for dinner.

Early Sat morning we arrived a the show and Sarah had some clipping to do. Man I didn't envy her, hair in the bra in the heat, couldn't be pleasant. UGH! We didn't show until the afternoon. In the heat of the day.

I watched. It was too hot for me to move thankyouverymuch.

That's Greg's "HEY" Series. HEY! I was eating. and HEY! there is hay on my head. I think they are both thinking: "HEY! It's fucking hot here, can we go home?" The first shot is his replacement doe. He picks well. Even when faced with, "well I'm not sure how she's turn out but you can try." I think he liked rolling the dice. She placed 1st out of 12, 4 out of 12 and .... I have no idea after that. Once the togg kids started fainting in the ring, I totally lost track. Yeah.. that was fun, not. Nothing like seeing your child running full speed in the blistering heat with a limp goat in his arms, followed by a child you don't know with another limp goat, running, for the water racks. I think my final words were something like.... I don't care, scratch them all, this is fucking nuts.

One Sunday Greg thought he'd see if his little long eared friend liked watermelon rind.

Yes, Yes I do... now give me WHOLE piece silly human.

That's better. Much much better.

What do you mean you don't have any more?

In case I ever forget why I go through this torture.

Because it sure isn't for the "He's touching me" "OH MY GOD ASHLEY can't you PLUG that?" "He did it " "No SHE Did it" "Ashley, DOWN a notch" "Greg, can the attitude"

Because honestly, does anyone talk louder than a teenager? Holy SHIT.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Returned from my little trip to hell. Hell has a name and it's name is Red Bluff. Holy SHIT people. You know it's hot when not only are the goats passing out from the heat, the handlers are too.

I have pictures to post and a very funny photo post I created my in mind on the way home from dinner. We'll see if that transcribes as well into this blog on Tuesday when I have time to deal with it. Or frankly if I remember half of it.

I need to fire my secretary. Who the hell scheduled me to work on Monday anyway? What an idiot. It's not like I didn't KNOW I was on this trip. Dumb.