Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warning; Photo Post Ahead

Remember the Road Sign I said I'd post a picture of? Yeah well there it is. This one we actually stopped on the way home to get a picture of, it had me giggling for miles.

So we arrived in Red Bluff Friday night. What you aren't seeing is the heat waves rising off the road or perhaps the road melting under our tires. It was 86 degrees at 9:30 that night when we went for dinner.

Early Sat morning we arrived a the show and Sarah had some clipping to do. Man I didn't envy her, hair in the bra in the heat, couldn't be pleasant. UGH! We didn't show until the afternoon. In the heat of the day.

I watched. It was too hot for me to move thankyouverymuch.

That's Greg's "HEY" Series. HEY! I was eating. and HEY! there is hay on my head. I think they are both thinking: "HEY! It's fucking hot here, can we go home?" The first shot is his replacement doe. He picks well. Even when faced with, "well I'm not sure how she's turn out but you can try." I think he liked rolling the dice. She placed 1st out of 12, 4 out of 12 and .... I have no idea after that. Once the togg kids started fainting in the ring, I totally lost track. Yeah.. that was fun, not. Nothing like seeing your child running full speed in the blistering heat with a limp goat in his arms, followed by a child you don't know with another limp goat, running, for the water racks. I think my final words were something like.... I don't care, scratch them all, this is fucking nuts.

One Sunday Greg thought he'd see if his little long eared friend liked watermelon rind.

Yes, Yes I do... now give me WHOLE piece silly human.

That's better. Much much better.

What do you mean you don't have any more?

In case I ever forget why I go through this torture.

Because it sure isn't for the "He's touching me" "OH MY GOD ASHLEY can't you PLUG that?" "He did it " "No SHE Did it" "Ashley, DOWN a notch" "Greg, can the attitude"

Because honestly, does anyone talk louder than a teenager? Holy SHIT.

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