Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This week went from a lovely slow week to rest and recoop from the three days in hell, to a sprint to the end.

What the hell?

I actually went back to bed this morning with my o2 on. I had all sorts of heart issues yesterday that I really shouldn't have. This tells me I needed to rest more. Problem is, I also need to be in about 365 other places. I can rest when I'm dead right. Yeah well, there is what we're trying to avoid. The whole dead thing.

So today I have a test. An iodine -something that sounded like stain- CT scan. I'm likely to have an adverse reaction to this test. It's been said everyone in my family has. Oh what fun! It's not the CT scan that's the issue, be there, had those. It's the injection of iodine.

Tomorrow I go to Arcata to set up for a goat milk test. I'm waiting to hear back from my lab about more bottles. I just don't have enough to go around, but they come in lots of 2500. I don't need that many. *Whaaaaaa!*

We also meet with G's teacher. On the way to Arcata. Rather than trying to rush through things up there and being home by 2. Because you know it's going to take a while to snoop around. ;-)

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Jen said...

Ya that dead thing really sucks! I hope you can get some rest in between the 365 things you can do!