Saturday, November 28, 2009

My brain is set to fry and it has nothing to do with the fever I do not have but feel like I do.

Holy shit information just flows out as fast as I try to store it. Greg and I came up with a pretty good meal plan for the next few days while we were driving home from the store. I get home to look for a tasty recipe I bookmarked (thanks Amalah!), and totally got sidetracked printing all the recipes Greg needed to update his cookbook for school. Now other than the side dish I just printed, I got nothing. Shit shit shit shit for brains.

So now I have to sit here and figure out what I was thinking of cooking, so I can make a shopping list, so I can go BACK to the friggin' store. See.... s h i t for brains.

Luckily I had plans to go to a different store to check out their meats, so that was kinda planned anyway. We would have made all the stops at once but the puppy might have eaten the groceries we already had, she has no car manners yet. And the 8lb wonder weenie likes to sit on the dash and just watch her get into trouble so she has more to sneer about. ;-)