Friday, August 24, 2007

Shop till you drop...

... from heat exhaustion.

I just got back from spending a large chunk of my hard earned fair paycheck on decking my kid out in the latest styles for the upcoming school year.
It was 108 in the parking lot of the first store. It was 70 at my house when we left. It stayed around 99 for hours in the late afternoon. At 7:30 at night when we could be persuaded to leave the A/C in the motel room for dinner, it was still 95.

Today we made one stop back to the main store of destruction and then beat feet for home.

School clothes are procured and he's set. Unless his teacher makes demands as to "stuff" he'll need. Then we'll hit K-Mart.

Monday, August 20, 2007

For those 3 people waiting with bated (baited) breath for a lively update about fair. Don't hold your breath. I like most of you and I hear oxygen deprivation causes brain damage. (Which could explain many many things with me.)
Here's what you'll hear from me.

  • It's over.
  • There were no major complaints that were out of the ordinary.
  • The usual bitchers are still bitches or rather, bitchers.
  • The only major meltdown was had by parents, not children.
  • It's safe to say I'm safely out of the middle of any relationships where I was was too firmly planted. Insert sigh of relief.
  • Things pulled together nicely, even if rough at the start and in the middle.
  • All's well that ends well.