Friday, July 20, 2007

This has been a long week and it's not getting any fucking shorter. I work tomorrow in Loleta and that will be a long haul. Then it's Sunday "off" to work on my barn, set up for another milk test at 2am Monday morning then work at the fair the rest of the week. Until Thursday which I'm taking "off" to pack and finish getting ready for the show I'm leaving for Friday morning at about 4Am.
I have half of my goats clipped and am totally considering NOT clipping my kids. But it's going to be hot there and I'm afraid they will overheat. *Sigh*
I'll have to see how much I can cram into Sunday.
Did I mention I'm tired?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things are moving along nicely at my little summer job . I'm rather amazed really. For such a late start we are cooking right along. 3 day projects are coming together in 1.
Entries close for most things tomorrow. Rabbits don't close for another week. I'm hoping my paperwork and show help is still lined out. I haven't heard from her (hinthint) in a while!
Two employees quit before they ever started. *gasp* That's never happened before. Kids! Sisters even. "We don't want to work during fair." Um HELLO? "Fair job"?
Looks like next years fair date move is really being seriously considered. It was mentioned in the Jr Livestock newsletter, but stipulated that it is very far up in the air. I'm hoping it blows away. Our fair would then conflict with State Fair. Lose entries much?
My goats have been loose the last two times I've gone to milk. This morning it took me so long to clean up the mess, I didn't have time to milk them. How do 4 legged critters with no opposable thumbs, move a milking machine 15', unwind and unplug an extension cord ( that was tied up with a ball bungee), open a latched gate, drag said cord through their pen, and move three garbage cans out of a barn?? How to I know it was them that ransacked the place.... well other than the obvious... I caught them? They also ate two cans of grain, and that goat crack I talked about... gone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goat Crack

Yep I've found the new goat crack.
It's pretty much molasses with a side of fiber. Similar to "chaffhay" for those in the know, those not in the know it's chopped up hay mixed with copious amounts of sugar aka molasses. They pretty much sweep up all the shit off the floor in some dude hay barn, blow the dust out, add molasses and sell it to people like me, ruled by their animals.
And it's like crack to the goats, did I mention that?

Have I mentioned today that this weather sucks?
Well it does.
It's raining, and I like rain.
But it's 70 freaking degrees at 9 at night.
I've been running my A/C all day..... in the rain.

I don't care if you want to call them long shorts. When they hit you mid calf, and have those little ties.... they're Capri's. You look stoopid.

I received a letter yesterday that brought my G-pa's death all back up again. Seems I have an inheritance. Nothing to pay off the mortgage with or anything, but still he left me what he had.

I would still rather have him.
I decided this morning that my job doesn't provide much blogging fodder.

There isn't much to say about staring at a cows ass for hours. It's not like staring at people's asses all day. At least with people you can make fun of their outfits, or the way those clothes fit/don't fit.

Not so much with cows. Especially not so much with cows at 3 am. Cows at 3am are especially large and wet and smelly. Wet you say? Yes, because at 4am it was raining.

And at sun rise the sky was blazingly RED and ORANGE and YELLOW.
"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning"