Friday, July 20, 2007

This has been a long week and it's not getting any fucking shorter. I work tomorrow in Loleta and that will be a long haul. Then it's Sunday "off" to work on my barn, set up for another milk test at 2am Monday morning then work at the fair the rest of the week. Until Thursday which I'm taking "off" to pack and finish getting ready for the show I'm leaving for Friday morning at about 4Am.
I have half of my goats clipped and am totally considering NOT clipping my kids. But it's going to be hot there and I'm afraid they will overheat. *Sigh*
I'll have to see how much I can cram into Sunday.
Did I mention I'm tired?


Anonymous said...

I've got all my kids clipped. I figured
1. it will be hot there ( like it's not hot here?)
2. everyone will have clipped THEIR kids.

Fogspinner said...

Which is why I will clip mine. *Sigh* If I have time. I may be packing my clippers and doing it there. I do have all my milkers done except their udders. I do however have their udder arches framed, all I have to do is strip the hair off the rest. G caught my yearling today, she's this weeks project. I think I'm enlisting teenage help on Thursday to help wash the does. Ha!