Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas cards just shouldn't be this hard.

I managed to make it through signing my christmas cards so far spelling my name correctly.

Unlike last year when I addressed an envelope TO MYSELF. I actually thought while I was stuffing the card in "Man I hardly see that Fogspinner much, wonder what she's up to?"


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My plan to leave home at 10 am is foiled. I know this, even though it is 8:30, because I am still sitting here hacking up a bleeding lung and no one in my family other than the dogs and myself are up. Why is no one else up, because I can't get my fat ass out of the chair to wake them up that's why.

We have to make a run to fortuna before we can leave since my ever helpful husband took one of my paychecks to work with him in his car rather than leaving it.. ohh I don't know... on my FREAKING desk.

We have to figure out how to fit 1400 milk samples in my car. Whoopie. Everyone pray... pray HARD... that no one hits me on the way to Atwater. Because, well, ewww?!?!?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sheesh finally.

This is part three so it starts in the middle of the skit.

Oh hell. Here he is with Peanut.
I'm trying to find a decent one that has the skit with JalapeƱo on a Stick.

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I'd forgotten how much I like him.

Ok we're going to try to embed this video because I LOVE this comedian. Never mind the fact that he's an amazing ventriloquist, this is one of the ONLY things that will make me drop whatever I am doing to watch the tv.