Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pictures uploaded, printed, picked up, sorted, and inserted into a book.

Don't you wish I had a life and would stop posting so much?

So today I had to set up an appointment with a client. He and his brother have to test close to each other right now because they each have some of the other cows. Very confusing to say the least. One brother hates test, today I needed to call him.
Me: "Hi XXXX, how are you?"
him: "Hi, you, doing good."
me: "So I'm going brotherX's on Thursday..."
him: "Well, good for you!"
me: "um, that means you need to test too."
him. "oh."

He cracks me up.
What?! Why am I here. I'm like one click away from finding the end of the internet and I wind up here.

I just ordered 136 prints from Walgreens. I'm catching up my sons photo albums. As nice as photos are on the computer, for sending and uploading and sharing, they just aren't "there". Ya know? You can't flip through the pages and oh and ah and eww over them.

As we get older those memories are precious. I never cared much as a kid or even a few year ago. But I like to look through those old photos. I want Greg to have that.

I may a decision to carry my camera more. I've gotten lazy about taking photos that aren't of the goats.

I am going to look for a nice little digital point and shoot. While my digital is as out of date as they come now days, it's perfect for "events". I'd like one that would be faster and easier for everyday snap shots. Must be more convenient for my pocket.

Good thing I bought a 300 picture album. Guess what we're going through tonight. :-)
Yesterday: 9/19 Capers x Kent, Pepsee x Baron
Today: 9/20 Rose x Kent, Sabatini x Arcadia, Ryan x Willow, Baron x Nottie.

With this schedule I'll be moving into my barn and living there for a couple weeks in Feb. Got hotplate? Will travel.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh and....

The web site is all done. I think. I'm tweaking things but the major changes are done.
Did post this already?

If it's a double... stop now. Or shut up and read anyway. I just don't care. Cranky much??
Bill= fine. Surgery went fine, we were only at the hospital a total of 3 and a half hours. Then we went to dinner because he was "starving!!" He's up and "running" so to speak. Today we went to Eureka, Scotia and Fortuna. We also hit the casino for an hour or so. We lost all the money we took to spend but had a good time. He's cooking dinner for himself and Greg. The TV has been on for entirely too long. So far, other than the fact he argues with EVERYFUCKINGTHING we say, that is the most annoying things he's doing. If I have to listen to that f-ing TV for the next 6 weeks, well it can go unsaid that the TV will be broken. A hammer can do that.

Goats are still getting bred, I think I'll have some more to update after I milk.
I worked this morning with cows. All went well. But ehh gads I dislike morning milk tests. I just don't sleep well the might before.

So now I've been up for 14 hours and I'm getting cranky. I'd take a nap, but I'm not a good napper. I don't get happy and rested after a nap. I'm pretty much a nasty *itch after a nap.

4 more hours and I can just go to bed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

And let the breedings begin!

Tilly x Baron
Shikari x Sabatini
Peaches x Kent

I think Pepsee is was bred Friday, but I didn't "see" the deed done. We're leaving her in the "maybe" column.


Surgery day. We have to be there at 10:30 and he has surgery at 12, we're supposed to be home by 2. We'll see.

Keep him in your thoughts... mostly that I don't kill him. He's already driving me nuts and it's a normal Monday for us.

Oh and... the web site re-vamp is done. Bleh except I forgot the search engine tags. Ahh hell. Oh well, go check it out folks.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fair Humor

Or... Monkey See, Monkey Do.

So we're sitting at dinner and I see my son has this zit right under his nose. Have I mentioned I'm a zit picker? Drives him nutty.
So there we sit and I can't exactly pick his zits for him, he outweighs and can outrun me.
So I start rubbing under my nose.
He wipes under his thinking he has something on his lip.
I'm staring right at his lip.
I keep wiping.
He wipes again.
So I kinda scratch a little.
And so does he, taking the top right off that bad boy.
I say, while chuckling at my success as a bad horrible mean mother, "Monkey See, Monkey Do."

He looks right at me and says:
"I want a shirt that says "Please do not Tease, Torment, Harass, Pester, Nettle.....""

OMG. Bill almost spit out his pudding. I had tears ROLLING. It was too damn funny.

And if you've never been in my barn at the fair, you would have NO clue why that's so funny.
It references a HUGE sign we have just as you walk into the barn. It goes on and on like the above with every word for ANNOY you can think of. IT then says, Please do not pet the animals. People never listen.
ARRR! WhereĆ¢��s me grog, wench?