Thursday, September 20, 2007

What?! Why am I here. I'm like one click away from finding the end of the internet and I wind up here.

I just ordered 136 prints from Walgreens. I'm catching up my sons photo albums. As nice as photos are on the computer, for sending and uploading and sharing, they just aren't "there". Ya know? You can't flip through the pages and oh and ah and eww over them.

As we get older those memories are precious. I never cared much as a kid or even a few year ago. But I like to look through those old photos. I want Greg to have that.

I may a decision to carry my camera more. I've gotten lazy about taking photos that aren't of the goats.

I am going to look for a nice little digital point and shoot. While my digital is as out of date as they come now days, it's perfect for "events". I'd like one that would be faster and easier for everyday snap shots. Must be more convenient for my pocket.

Good thing I bought a 300 picture album. Guess what we're going through tonight. :-)

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