Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Did post this already?

If it's a double... stop now. Or shut up and read anyway. I just don't care. Cranky much??
Bill= fine. Surgery went fine, we were only at the hospital a total of 3 and a half hours. Then we went to dinner because he was "starving!!" He's up and "running" so to speak. Today we went to Eureka, Scotia and Fortuna. We also hit the casino for an hour or so. We lost all the money we took to spend but had a good time. He's cooking dinner for himself and Greg. The TV has been on for entirely too long. So far, other than the fact he argues with EVERYFUCKINGTHING we say, that is the most annoying things he's doing. If I have to listen to that f-ing TV for the next 6 weeks, well it can go unsaid that the TV will be broken. A hammer can do that.

Goats are still getting bred, I think I'll have some more to update after I milk.
I worked this morning with cows. All went well. But ehh gads I dislike morning milk tests. I just don't sleep well the might before.

So now I've been up for 14 hours and I'm getting cranky. I'd take a nap, but I'm not a good napper. I don't get happy and rested after a nap. I'm pretty much a nasty *itch after a nap.

4 more hours and I can just go to bed.

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