Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fair Humor

Or... Monkey See, Monkey Do.

So we're sitting at dinner and I see my son has this zit right under his nose. Have I mentioned I'm a zit picker? Drives him nutty.
So there we sit and I can't exactly pick his zits for him, he outweighs and can outrun me.
So I start rubbing under my nose.
He wipes under his thinking he has something on his lip.
I'm staring right at his lip.
I keep wiping.
He wipes again.
So I kinda scratch a little.
And so does he, taking the top right off that bad boy.
I say, while chuckling at my success as a bad horrible mean mother, "Monkey See, Monkey Do."

He looks right at me and says:
"I want a shirt that says "Please do not Tease, Torment, Harass, Pester, Nettle.....""

OMG. Bill almost spit out his pudding. I had tears ROLLING. It was too damn funny.

And if you've never been in my barn at the fair, you would have NO clue why that's so funny.
It references a HUGE sign we have just as you walk into the barn. It goes on and on like the above with every word for ANNOY you can think of. IT then says, Please do not pet the animals. People never listen.

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Kentucky Girl said...

hehehe....children are so impressionable. :D Totally makes me want to have one just so I can screw it up. LOL