Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today was Gregs birthday and we went and found him the gift he's been wanting. Several hundred dollars poorer and we headed home with our new toy.

Sadly Bill had to be at work early for Greg and I got a few hours to play without Mr Knowitall at home to direct and command, though he's never seen the damn thing before either. Greg and I have a good time together figuring stuff out.

Only now Zelda has pissed me off. 2 hours to figuring out how to manipulate two controllers of different types in human form and the bastards changed me into a wolf. End my patients.

So now I have a Wii neck ache. Tomorrow Wii will get back to Zelda after some more math gets done.

It's just not right to work up a sweat playing baseball on a video game. Really. (That was not me.) I'm the one who's neck cramped up while boxing. Who knew my own arms were so weak. I'm going to have to get into shape to keep this up. Ohhh.... they have a game for that!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing to see here. Same old Same old. There are just so many ways I can tell you about cow ass and cow milk and cow barns before it's just old and frankly that's all I see or do lately.

Last nights test too just about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It took me longer to drive up and back. If they didn't milk at exactly the same time as everybody else I could get 3 Arcata herds done at once with help.

We got there way too early so we wondered around Arcata for a while. We went to Wildberries and it was very cool in there, people watching was interesting. It always is in Arcata. Then we went to the pet store where a fellow LJ'er works and chit chatted for a while. They have an aviary you can walk into and the birds are loose, but the Macaw at the door kept me outside. Birds scare the crap out of me. Little bastards hate me. Which actually includes chickens. I have a story about getting the crap pecked out of me by chickens when I was a little girl.
Anyhow, they had just the thing I've been looking all over for and have been too lazy to order from the interwebs. Now I have it and need to find a bottle for it, now my crated puppy (he's 9 years) will have all the water he wants.

On the dad front he seems good. I went to visit last night and he was not in any hurry for us to leave but I had to feed Greg before he actually threw himself on the floor and flailed around. They took out the nasal feeding tube and inserted the tummy one on Monday. They had a little scare with it yesterday but were told all is normal. Now it's time to start throat therapy. Therapy on the legs will start again, we hope, after they meet with the surgeon who did the hip.