Thursday, December 31, 2009

So I had these great plans at 9:30 on New Years Eve to throw together a year in review picture post.

I discovered that A) I don't have any pictures from this last year on my computer at all and B) maybe I should have thought about this a little sooner. (Like maybe during the 10 hours today I spent scanning the TV for anything [oh god please, ANYTHING] to watch, while I felt like crapola and stayed on my 02.)

So maybe my posts will help.... I blogged at least once a month right?
No? Really?

January found me sick and I landed in the hospital in SF after a terrifying plane ride. I don't care who tells you it was "lovely and calm", she lies.

February found me still in recovery mode from being sick. It also was the start of kidding season.

March it was back to business as usual. Our last kids were born by the 2nd of the month and we lost our herd matriarch, we came very close to selling the whole herd. I fell on my ass and bought 8 chickens in the same month. I must have hit my head when I fell.

April, wow I am a really dull read. *tap tap* Is this thing on? Feed changes, doctors appointment and the start of show season. Oh and work....

May we lost a friend, went to a couple goat shows, finished our first doe, and it rained. And work....

June we hauled the kids out of the yard, reaffirmed the fact that I HATE Purina feed, and made plans to go to a long show out of state.

July we went to said long show out of state and had a great time. Bringing home a crap pot of ribbons helps. Oh right... and work.

August I posted NOTHING all month. Wow. You people are still here? Right. Only because I'm stuck in your feed reader huh? It's ok, you can admit it. Well I know we had our fair. Drama, blah blah blah, same BS different year, good judges though. I saw my DR and he wanted me to drowned myself for good health.

September we lost a close friend of my husbands unexpectedly from a heart attack. We also lost a former co-worker of mine from the fair. I just kept hoping I wouldn't be three.

October I lived to see another birthday but as usual didn't celebrate. Made an appointment with the lung transplant team for Nov., Greg caught a cold and shared, and I recapped all the reasons you should stop smoking.

November I saw the transplant team and got the go ahead to start having the pre-transplant testing. We had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and got a new puppy. Oh and I still had a cold. I just can't kick shit like I used to!

December we had the trip from hell that I never recounted here (sorry) for the beginning of this testing BS. We spent christmas with my mom and Bills parents came for Christmas eve.

happy New Years Folks. I hope you all have a safe and happy new year.