Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last week at a glance.

  • Finished up fair paperwork on Monday.
  • Milk tested and learned on of my dads best friends passed away on Tuesday. Debated leaving for Redding immediately rather than in morning.
  • Left early in morning to arrive for breakfast with Dad on Wednesday. Spent whole day other than nap time and took Greg shopping then. Also had to find self dress cloths for funeral. Found out self is minuscule-y smaller than self thought. Self should eat more.
  • Spent Thursday with dad until nap time and then drove home. Ordered flowers for funeral before leaving. Witnessed dad cry more in 24 hours than I've seen in my whole life. Seriously debated springing dad for day to bring him to funeral.
  • Went to saddest funeral I've been to in a very long time Friday. My heart breaks for the family. Made plans at goats for new buck pen.
  • Spring cleaning in the fall today at the goats then at home tomorrow.
Next weeks plans?
Wash rinse repeat.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ha! Now it's over!

One word about fair.


Holy hell. It's over though. I have a few more rounds of paperwork to get finished but I'm waiting on some paperwork to come in the mail in order to do that.

Tomorrow I go back on the schedule of testing and traveling.

I ache everywhere.

Today I ate my first real meal in 15 days. It was way too big. I think my stomach shrunk. But it did taste ohh so good. I'll be sorry in a few hours. My husband and son are emptying milk sample bottles so I am ready to milk test tomorrow, though Bill is going to start the herd for me and I'll some later to finish up. I need to rest still. I'm staying on my O2 most of today.

Edit: I just realized that makes it sound like I didn't eat for 15 days. No, no, but soda and jerky hardly count as a "real" meal. Or soda and Tylenol.